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Class: Healer
Strengths: Strong healing, remedy and reviving skills.
Weaknesses: No offensive skills.
Description: Cristo is a healer and learns powerful healing, remedy and reviving skills as he levels up. He can equip only moderately powerful equipment. He is a very useful early-level hireling, since he knows Heal from the start.
How to acquire: Alignment must be greater than or equal to neutral. ie- You must be of Good alignment.

Class: Brute
Strengths: Incredibly strong and robust
Weaknesses: Has no skills.
Description: The slow-witted Lars is a powerhouse fighter. He can equip the most powerful equipment but has no abilities or skills other than hitting hard.
How to acquire: For 1000 gold, he will join your party. If you have a Persuade ability of 5 or more, he will join for only 500 gold.
OOBS Bonus: +8 to Bash

Jet Solo
Class: Thief
Strengths: Fast and can steal items or gold
Weaknesses: No other skills
Description: Jet Solo is a sly and reclusive thief who is incredibly fast, adept at using tools, and steals whatever he can get his hands on.
How to acquire: In the far room of the second floor of the Inn, if you have a detection ability of 10 or better, Jet Solo can be found. If you have an alignment of 25 or less, he will be willing to join you.
OOBS Bonus: +5 to Lockpick, Disarm Traps, Hide, Pickpocket

Class: Mage
Strengths: High-powered spellcaster
Weaknesses: Frail
Description: Mara is a haughty beautiful mage who really could care less for the likes of you.
How to acquire: You can only get Mara to join you if you persuade her (with a Persuade ability of 15 or more). Even then she will charge you 5000 gold for her services. Unless you can persuade her further to do it for 2500 gold (with a Persuade ability of 25 or more).
OOBS Bonus: +10 to Decipher

Class: Pyromancer
Strengths: Powerful fire skills
Weaknesses: Moderately frail
Description: Sylar is evil and cares nothing for life.
How to acquire: If your alignment is less than zero (ie- evil), he will be willing to join your party.

Class: Illusionist
Strengths: Plenty of buff and debuff skills
Weaknesses: Frail
Description: A flighty yet beautiful girl who is quite receptive to charming men. She's not into women.
How to acquire: You must be male. If you call her pretty a lot (seriously, A LOT) she will eventually join your party.
OOBS Bonus: +9 to Detection

Class: Warrior
Strengths: Powerful sword skills
Weaknesses: Can't equip the most powerful equipment
Description: Birgette is a wandering mercenary who is more than willing to fight. For a price.
How to acquire: Birgette will join your party for 600 gold. (300 gold if you can persuade her with a Persuade ability of 12 or more).

Class: Druid
Strengths: A good balance of earth spells and buffs
Weaknesses: Moderately frail
Description: Allanon is a meandering druid and naturalist who is willing to set the world to balance.
How to acquire: Allanon will be willing to join your party if you are neutral in your alignment. Extreme good or extreme evil alignments prevent him from joining.
OOBS Bonus: +3 to Forage

Class: Bard
Strengths: Sings songs for buffs
Weaknesses: Moderate to weak fighter
Description: Thom is a charming womanizer who wants for nothing more than a pretty lass and a tankard of ale.
How to acquire: You must be female or Thom will not join your party.
OOBS Bonus: +7 to Persuade

Class: Monk
Strengths: Powerful fighter and healer
Weaknesses: Can't equip much
Description: Chow-Yun is a monk who has taken a vow of silence. He is a stoic and brave fighter, and a caring healer.
How to acquire: For 2000 gold, Chow-Yun will join your party. With a Persuade ability of 15 or more, you can get him for 1000 gold. You can persuade him outright to join for free if you have a Persuade ability of 22 or more.