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Timeline and milestones

Pronounced "Mill-ee-stone-ehs".

Today: Finish off the battle event framework.
January 15th: Apply new framework to existing original Generica battles
January 18th: Finish playthough of original Generica using new classes (yes that's possible!)
January 22nd: Finish creating the game (rough draft)! (hey, it's a small game AND I did the original Generica in 10 days start to finish, so this goal isn't as outlandish as it seems)
January 29th: Finish playthrough and refinement of rough draft.
February 1st: Release Generica: The Next Generation to public

I hinted at it in the timeline, but I'll re-iterate it here: you'll be able to play the original Generica game using the new classes from Generica: TNG. Also, I will make it possible to choose from the original Generica classes and use them play through Generica: TNG.

I haven't decided yet if I will make it possible to import your existing savefile from Generica and play throughGenerica: TNG, but it'd be possible to do.

What do you guys think of all that?

For fun here is a new screen:


Cartomancery and classes

So I am ready to start implementing the specific skills and whatnot for the classes. Now, the philosophy from the Generica School of Design is keep it simple shithead! so I am concerned about the level of custom eventing the Cartomancer class will require.

Now, it's nothing too over the top (or even that difficult), but I wonder still if it is worth it?

1. Tell me, if you were going to make a party of 4 from these classes, who would you choose?

..:: CLASSES ::..

A fast dual-wielding fighter who can raid enemies for loot and rush for double agility.

A blowzy harlequin gifted in channeling the strange powers of Tarot cards. By drawing offensively or defensively, the Cartomancer can channel random aggressive or defensive effects in battle.

A dangerous assassin specializing in the neutralization of sorcery. Special skills enable the Mageslayer to stop, drain and reflect magic.

A holy healer and stalwart defender. His healing abilities are unparalleled and his divine nature can lay waste to the undead. Heavy armors allow him to take punishment.

A dark mage whose black magic nukes all who stand in his way and whose scythe cleaves any left standing in two.

A versatile spellcaster who is a scholar of both healing and dark magic. His Chainmagic ability will allow him to cast twice per round.

A special warrior that can summon ethereal and elemental weapons to wield in battle.

A powerful fighter who can dish out a lot of damage. His Impact ability will allow him to attack multiple times per round.

Death Knight
A dark warrior who has a small selection of dark magic. He also resists dark magic but weak is versus light.


I'm pretty happy with the other 8 classes so unless someone brings up some issues I won't go into detail with them. The Cartomancer I would like some opinions on.

The Cartomancer will have a deck of tarot cards to draw from for random effects based on the card he draws. They cost no MP but some effects are better than others (and rarer) while some can be detrimental in some way.

Some questions come to mind:

1. How does he learn new cards?
2. How should he be able to use his skills?
3. What are the skills going to be?

A1: I am currently envisioning a system where the Cartomancer learns a new card every 2 levels in a random order. There are currently 10 cards planned in my game (hey, it's a short game!). Other things I'm considering are finding/buying the cards from a vendor, or learning them in a set order.

A2: The current design is for two battle commands: CombatDraw and DefendDraw. Say the Cartomancer has the Justice card in his deck and chooses to do a CombatDraw. The system would then randomly choose 1 of 3 effects of an aggressive nature to apply in battle: Blind, Safe, Judgement - it would blind the enemies (good!), cast Safe on the enemies == x2 DEF (bad!) or inflict moderate damage on the enemies (good!). Similarly, if he chose to DefendDraw, he'd get 1 of 2 effects of a defensive nature: Safe or Blind - either x2 DEF for the party of blinding the Cartomancer.

I'm open to other ideas. Remember this is RM2k3 and I am Keeping It Simple Shithead!

A3: This is lengthy:


Justice Blind, Safe, Judgement Judgement
Blind Blind
Safe Safe

Psyche Chaos, Sleep, Discord, Focus Chaos Chaos all but self
Discord Focus

Spacetime Haste, Slow, Stop Haste Haste
Slow Slow
Stop Stop all but self

Fortune Gold, Items, Goldrain Find Item Find Item
Find Gold Find Gold
Goldrain Goldrain (damage, but get gold!)

Mana Restore MP, MP to 0, Reflect Restore MP Restore MP
Mute Reflect
0 MP 0 MP

Constitution Heal, HP to 1, Feeble Heal HP to 1 Healall
Feeble Healself
Damageall Remedy

Void Invisible, Demi, Dispel Demi All chance Invisible
Dispel Dispel
Demi Demi

Strength Bikill, Berserk, Multiattack Berserk Berserk party
Bikill Bikill
Heavy Damage Combo x2 ATK for rest of battle

Fate Death, Revive, Reset Deathall
Reset Reset
Death 100% Reviveall

Chance ??? Escape
Change battle background (nothing)
Dead or Alive?
Riches (chests)

Chance is kind of special. Chancy, even.

You can see the work I'd have to do to implement this, and how unbalanced it could be if I don't do it right. Hence my hesitancy.



Time to start this thing

Now that all my other projects of 2009 are finished, time to wrap up the final game on my plate and then retire from RM forever.

This will be a short game like the first Generica, so expect a short development time/effort. I don't have 10 days to pour into this like the first one though so don't come back to me whining on January 10th. Hopefully by February it'll be done.

As a bonus, here is a work-in-progress DQ4 chipset edit with the World Tree (or whatever it's called now in the DS version):

Stay tuned, neo-retro RPG lovers!
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