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- 4.5 - 16 hours of gameplay (no cut scenes, just action) or in 1 player's case 21 hours!!
- side areas that have secrets, and equipment exclusive to those that find them
- Branching quest paths with different outcomes
- Multiple recruits for your party (after the 1st quest)
- make your own party
- 16 playable classes
- Bestiary
- big and challenging bosses and mini bosses. diverse arrays of enemies
- Learn basic skills from equipment
- Skills branch off and become greater as you USE THEM
- Creatures have levels just like you do
- Chase down enemies, run from them or sneak past them
- ever changing battles that make you think and adapt
- Replayability (I have gone through the game 25 times with plenty of different parties and still felt it was fresh)
- Challenging yet forgiving gameplay
- mining, processing and forging
- become a vampire (or vampire hunter class)
- become an outlaw hunted by guards that will chase you when they spot you
- potion brewing
- codes / passwords that you collect in the game and then use them when you are done. thus adding to replayability

- Fragmasters
- Treasure Hunters
- Naval Gazers
- Tourists

Yanfly -> Majority of Scripting 50%
KGC -> Majority of Scripting 40%
Modern Algebra -> Tangeant Script
Modern Algebra -> Skill Teaching
Eternal Symphony -> Stat Increase By Job
Dangor -> Advanced Title Screen

ShortStar -> almost everything
Craze -> 1 cave map / 1 shrine

NO you can use previous saves from v2 and v2B and 2C and 2D.

If you have saves from 2E, 2F, 2G, and 2H they work with 2I.

This is not a major update, so if you have 2D, you do not need 2I.

Current Version = 2K

- New small village to the south of Eraki.
- 10 new quirky weapons
- New status ailments include, burnt, numb, shocked, drowning, burrial, suffocation, shine and posessed.
- New skills to act accordingly.
- New more powerful skills with risk or rewardish system.

FIXEDin V2I ---
- If you jump down the second tier in the first cave after beating it, you can get out now.

ADDED in V2H ---
- After a battle, you now have 1 second of invulnerability / immunity to average enemies. You can plow through them without having to fight them. There is a note telling you too.
TWEAKED in V2H ---
- Lullaby is less effective. Most enemies that use it now use it slightly less.
TWEAKED in V2H ---
- Wind Spirits now attack more. Peaches have slightly more attack power. Guardian Angels have less starting MP.
TWEAKED in V2H ---
- Notebook transparency.
ADDED in V2H ---
- If you've already put out the fires at the first tower and exit the tower, you can select to visit the top or start at the bottom.
ADDED in V2H ---
- In the first tower, enemies are blocked by invisible walls to prevent bottlenecking.

]ADDED in V2G ---
- Enemies drop more things to aide you.
]ADDED in V2G ---
- A new shop to use some of those things and make new items.
]ADDED in V2G ---
- A powerful, yet vulnerable class called "creepy girl"

TWEAKED in V2F ---
- Doorways will now be passages and not doorways.
TWEAKED in V2F ---
- Fire now has a note popup when you run into it for the first time. It tells you walking into fires is bad, and it damages you and you need blue potions to restore your health.
TWEAKED in V2F ---
- Statements and notes about how you can avoid enemies on the map to avoid battles.

TWEAKED in V2E ---
Dogs & Cats don't make their noises unless you talk with them.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Brighter house interiors in the daytime.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
People playing pianos have a fixed direction when you talk with them.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Removed the hide ability from low level equipment, because when you hide and you're alone it counts as death.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Note sends you to Creall at the armory instead of Creall.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Tear sheets stay up.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Time passes by 2x slower.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
You are now restricted to certain areas until you get your party.

FIXED in V2D ---
In a mine south east of Eraki, there were falling boulders, which should not have been there at all. They are now removed. These rocks were a game stopper, because you could get blocked in.
UPDATED in V2D ---
There is also a sign to warn people about the mine cart. It is very glitchy if you try to move while you are riding it. So there is a sign specifically warning and reminding the player.

FIXED in V2C ---
In the ice cave, there was this thing that look like a sword apparently on the floor on the third room (where the blue chests are). When I got to it, not only I couldn't pick it up, but the graphic was actually over my hero's sprite as if it where floating!
FIXED in V2C ---
In the Hosts' den, I found the chest with the electric guitar, but couldn't find the way to get out of that area.
FIXED in V2C ---
- Also, in the castle, I noticed a few scrolls on the first floor (the two on the left hand size outside the walls, one in the top right corner room) that can't be picked up. Is it a bug?
FIXED in V2C ---
- Also, I found the ice cave. I got into the second room but once I opened one of the blue chests it threw me out.
FIXED in V2C ---
- In the second screen of the mountains, there's this treasure chest and a flashing star near the bottom of some small waterfalls. You can walk across once to get near them, but if you try to do it again you can't reach these treasures.
FIXED in V2C ---
- I found where Craze's shrine the problem is when you try to leave. Anyway you go to leave the shrine, you here footsteps sounds as if you were leaving but remain in the shrine.
FIXED in V2C ---
- When you talk to the lady that sells the items, you get a new note in the Notebook called "Catagories". Since you don't have them anymore for the items nor the spells, it is no longer applicable.
FIXED in V2C ---
- If you talk Enem more than once at the beginning, he can either block the doorway or, worse yet, cause the game to freeze. I actually had seen this one for your demo, but forgot to mention it.
FIXED in V2C ---
- Remember the switch to the right of the first stairwell of the tower? If you flip it, it causes the game to get stuck.

FIXED in V2B ---
- Mining freezes the game for 30 seconds when you mine at the same place twice.

FIXED in V2 ---
- Another Bug: The first switch in the tower malfunctions upon it's second and third use. Just see for yourself.
FIXED in V2 ---
- In the first dungeon, if you go back to talk to the guy who asks you for a splint he will heal you but his picture remains on the screen even after you move to another map area. This is highly disconserting and makes it very hard to play the game as it takes up almost half the screen.
FIXED in V2 ---
- Also, both "Cure Orb" and "Heal Orb" at the beginning give a heal orb.
FIXED in V2 ---
- I'd like to report a bug: No matter how many times I used an equipment ability, and no matter how many kills I got with them, they never get any CP (It was in the first dungeon, if that matters).
- a graphical issue: in the indoors, anywhere you have a doorway, you extended the wall, so that when you walk into the room you appear to be walking across a wall; you should change that all those tiles from wall to floor.
FIXED in V2 ---
- heal is described as "Attack Mind +20" (this is definitely wrong!)
FIXED in V2 ---
- there are items that you get either from the treasure chests, flashing stars or as drops after fights that once you check don't seem to be added to the inventory (I'm not sure about whether it happens after fights)
FIXED in V2 ---
- when you get some items from treasure chests or flashing stars, it will be saying you're getting 0 (item name), when you are actually getting 1 of them (I'm not sure about whether it happens with the flashing stars)
- sometimes even though the story has advanced, the NPCs will start their conversation by saying the some of the same things as before, before saying the new dialogue (ex. the mayor, after you go to talk to him after rescuing the brothers)
- in the menu to buy equipment, you can't see the effect of equipping new equipment for the 4th party member (I got around this by moving that switching my party to move the member to the 2nd or 3rd slots, which is very inconvenient!)

Latest Blog

10,000+ downloads and the idea generator

Yeah its that time again. 10,000+ downloads for this game. Totally not worth your downloads, trust me.

But what is worth your time.... I made idea generators :-)


And an article on designing your first game.

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I downloaded and tried the current version again on a PC that doesn't have RPG Maker VX, there wasn't a crash. Have you tried starting a new game from scratch?
Yes I have, I've tried many times until the fight at the goblin hideout / cave.
each time a battle start. the game freezes and sends me an error report
Once, the game freezes while I was talking to a person in the cave before I encountered a battle
So fighting the goblin, what about fighting one of the ghosts?
I am having some difficulties finding the left half of the coin, the phone and the hidden shop. Could you PM me some spoilers on this?
Just wanted to thank you for all of the effort you went to creating this game. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
Thank you very much Chaos! :-) Good to hear it doesn't crash for someone.
I don't know if this has been talked about, but when you go to buy weapons, and press shift to view the weapon's characteristics, the game freezes. Also, you said the notebook writings were cleaned up? I have 2H and it's not done.
you were mentioned in RMN news
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
@ Fleta: yea I had a similar issue. I am not sure which version of the game I have so... I'm not sure if the problem has been fixed or not. BTW, great game shortstar. I plan on finishing i sometime in the near future, with or without this being fixed (considering its only a small bug). Thanks for being vigilant in updating it!
The weapons shop thing is a script, I can't change that, because I don't know that much about scripting. Thanks for the comments Oblic, clyde and Feta. Just don't push shift. Plenty of others have finished it without even noticing :-)
Congratulations to Dennis for beating the game. I am going to make a tab for everyone that I know who has beaten the game.
I'm having trouble in the starter battle tower. I'm trapt on the bottom floor because I jumped down the holes to try to get out quicker and the gates are locking me in. I have no way to exit or go back up now that I can see :(

Also, is there a way to fully heal your party's hp/mp aside from potions?
I will fix that for you.

There are inns, but the one closest to the beginning is hidden in a grove of trees.
i have a problem i`m in the elf and they told me to kill a vampire i did it and then i was back at the village captain Cuthardsays : thank you again for doing wjhat the could not. i also trust you enough to mention...
the dungeon key of hardston Castle is burried in the small eastern chamber but i don't find the key could anyone tell me there the dungeon key?
Yes there is. People have beaten the game and they cannot do it without the key. It is beneath someone...
and where can i find ther dungeon key?
Under the feet of a knight. Kill him first.
oh you mean at the castle i must kill a knight i it right?
Kill it and search under him.