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Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen Abridged - Released!

And you all thought it was an April Fool's prank?!
Yes, the Abridged edition is now out for download and play. Basically, there was a huge backlash from a variety of people who said the levels were too long, the checkpoints too sparse and in general the game being just exhausting to play. So...I made a separate version with these features:

-20 Shortened levels
-No alternate paths
-No permanent checkpoints since all levels are normal length
-No MM Killers in the main stages (a big gripe for difficulty)
-MM Killers in Wily Fortress only (as a result, their weaknesses do less damage)
-All upgrades can be found on the main level paths

Enjoy this 'cut' version of the game which is released completely separately from the original. There will be huge swathes of gameplay cut out as a result of these changes and people who play this version will not see the final chase scene in Wily 8 since keeping it in would have kept the stage more or less the same length. If you want the full experience, play the original, if you want an abbreviated version, try this one instead! Either way, ENJOY EVERYONE! :D