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Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen Abridged - Released!

And you all thought it was an April Fool's prank?!
Yes, the Abridged edition is now out for download and play. Basically, there was a huge backlash from a variety of people who said the levels were too long, the checkpoints too sparse and in general the game being just exhausting to play. So...I made a separate version with these features:

-20 Shortened levels
-No alternate paths
-No permanent checkpoints since all levels are normal length
-No MM Killers in the main stages (a big gripe for difficulty)
-MM Killers in Wily Fortress only (as a result, their weaknesses do less damage)
-All upgrades can be found on the main level paths

Enjoy this 'cut' version of the game which is released completely separately from the original. There will be huge swathes of gameplay cut out as a result of these changes and people who play this version will not see the final chase scene in Wily 8 since keeping it in would have kept the stage more or less the same length. If you want the full experience, play the original, if you want an abbreviated version, try this one instead! Either way, ENJOY EVERYONE! :D


Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen Abridged - Coming Soon!

After some consideration and request by quite a few players to shorten the length of the stages, I figured why not? Why not make a separate version which is far less complex and contains no alternate routes and each level is about half the length of the original versions? Beyond that, it shouldn't be too much different from the standard version already available, just shorter and more compact. The difficulty of what sections I'm not cutting out completely should still be intact. Here are two pics of a revamped Intro stage and Centaur Man stage as examples. Hopefully people will like these changes and for those who shied away from the gigantic monstrosity that was the original version may reconsider playing this version instead.

Expect this version to be released later this spring!


Another small 1.4.4 update - For Speed Runners

After trying to re-speed run the game myself, I found out how interminally long Spark and Yamato Man stages are...so, I altered a few things around so that you CAN access the early shortcuts in the first half of the stage with just the Power Stone rather than the Knight Crush which would have necessitated going to Knight Man first, losing a lot of time. However, the items found on these paths are still locked up tight with Knight Crush blocks, either that or the requirement for the Knight Crush moved elsewhere as detailed below:

Ver 1.4.4.:
- Modified a bit more of Magnet Man’s stage so you don’t have to use a jump enabling upgrade twice to reach the Rush Jet.
- Changed Spark Man stage to enable speed runners with Power Stone to get through the first half quickly while still blocking off the Weapon Tank with Knight Crush blocks.
- Changed Yamato Man stage to enable speed runners with Power Stone to get through the first half quickly while still blocking off the Weapon Tank with the necessity of Rush Jet; changed the block further in the level for the path leading to the Energy Tank to a Knight Crush block instead.


Small 1.4.3 update

No ver 1.5 just yet. Programmer is a bit hard to get ahold of these days. However, I did make a few small changes that came to my notice after watching others LP the game recently. Redownload and enjoy!

Ver 1.4.3:
- Fixed some minor bugs that cropped up in Easy Mode.
- Fixed a bug where if you spawned in the room prior to the Toad Man midboss room, the snail enemy in hard mode would glitch and be unkillable.
- Developed a higher wall in Magnet Man’s stage to prevent people from getting Rush Jet or just skipping half the stage on principle without some sort of upgrade to reach the alternate path.
- Added a few more challenges in Knight Man’s stage in hard mode.

Progress Report

Ver 1.5 update planned - some changes...

Well the first big change is detailed above. Shortcuts to the midway points of all robot master stages after its been beaten once. Now there are two methods that are being debated here. One method is demonstrated above, which is the teleporter hidden in the first section or so of the level. The other method, offered by my old programmer is to give the option at the stage select screen instead to just skip to the midway point upon level completion. You thoughts?

Next big update will be hopefully be the recalibration of how the MM Killers work. It'll be similar in nature now to how MMX2 X Hunters worked. Where once they start appearing, they'll randomly pick 3 of the select levels and you'll get to see their face icon in the level window of the stage select screen if they happened to choose that level. THAT way you can choose to avoid them if you wish or replan your order strategy around the levels they've chosen. No promises on this one since it requires a big rehash of coding to get to work.

Thirdly, we are going to make easy mode easier! Why? Because I've been watching LPs of being STILL having a hard time on easy mode and giving up. *sigh*

Finally, we are now reconsidering putting back the 100 room challenge, but scaling it back a bit so that it's a bit more manageable to create. It'll be more like an endurance challenge than anything else.

And of course...fixing some other bugs that cropped up since last version.



Unreproducable transition bug fixed?

There were a few complaints and bug reports about transitions not working and people falling down a hole that should have clearly taken them to another part of the stage, only to find themselves off screen and then dead. To this day, I STILL can't reproduce the bug, however Jman 'thinks' he knows what's happening and we've implemented a 'fix' for it in ver 1.4.2. It has not been verified that the bug is gone or if this 'fix' did anything at all, but for those who were having issues with this problem before, download again and retry please.


Potential DLC content - will need assistance...

Ver 1.4.1 is finished and the game is more or less finished and 99% bugfree. We are finally happy and done with the overall game. However, I have so many more ideas in my head for reimagining the levels of other robot masters that I was thinking of making DLC content in the form of additional robot masters stages 'outside' of the main game with the potential to bring new weapons into the main game by beating these 'side' robot masters. (the weapon aspect may be iffy, but fighting additional levels and robot masters is not)
My only concern is that I can't program the bosses...Jman did that for me and he's basically burnt out and refuses to work anymore outside of fixing bugs. I don't blame him, he did a bang up job on the game and he deserves rest. However, if new DLC content appeals to you, then I'll need a programmer who had Game Maker 8.1 Pro (not studio) to program some new boss patterns based on AI pattern descriptions I give you. You'll be credited of course. If there is a possibility of getting new weapons into the main game, we'll try for that as well.
For now, a lot of people are clamoring for Mega Man 2 representation...so after much thought and looking at all the weapons we have now, I figured the best boss to start with would be....Quick Man. Who's willing to help and got the skillz to do so? Again, this is a request, if it doesn't get filled, its no big deal. But just thought it'd be neat to release a new DLC level every few months for those hankering for some more Megaman.


Ver 1.4 is out! D-pad support!

Thanks for all the patience and stuff during this time while we fixed a crapton of bugs and offered you D-Pad support. Finally! No more sliding woes for those who were stuck utilizing joysticks! We also addressed the issue of having the Mega Buster not blast through weak enemies as well as increase the speed of Rush Jet slightly to make it more speed runner savvy. There is a bunch more we did but you can check out the dev log for that on the download page! This 'should' be the final, definitive version of the game file now!
As for the biggest addition: Hard mode! It is truly sadistic with an increased amount of enemies all placed in the wrong spots to completely screw you. Not to mention you take double damage from everything! So upgrades like the Recover Chip, EX Recover and others will suddenly become quite important to you. I know it can be beaten buster only because I've done it. But I don't think it can be beaten without taking a hit. Good luck to anyone who attempts that challenge!
Enjoy the game again everyone and for those who have yet to play it, enjoy it for the first time!


Ver 1.4 is coming...

It will be fixing a lot of bugs as well as include a few extra features, like D-pad support! Mega Buster piercing through minor enemies! Slightly faster Rush Jet! Also, certain folks asked for it and now they get it! HARD MODE! This isn't even remotely fair and its basically one big 'the creator hates you' type of difficulty. But since a few of you asked for it, by all means, it'll be there in ver 1.4. If you can't handle it, just pretend it doesn't exist! We should be looking at a early Feb release for the next (and hopefully) FINAL version. Prepare yourself!

PS. I'm thinking of making a contest out of Kaizo/Hard mode. The first person who can show me a no hit run of hard mode will personally get $200 from me into their paypal account. I don't think it can be done.


What if? (Original Robot Masters)

This video is a big 'What if?' for Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen. What if we actually had a spriter at the crucial time we needed one to give us new bosses to fight and stages to gawk at? What if we got a music artist to create custom music for such awesome robot masters? For one, the game would NOT be called Revenge of the Fallen, but rather Megaman Unleashed. Why? Because, there is a key mechanic that would be introduced that would change how you play: you not only get the weapon from the Robot Master you defeat, but also claim their soul and become them. Thus unleashing the true potential inside Mega Man. (there is another story point...but I won't spoil it...just in case) So there are two aspects to each weapon, there is the actual weapon itself and how its utilized, THEN there is the actual 'being' the robot master and all the abilities it infers. I hope everyone enjoys this hypothetical concept pitch. I had fun making it.
Note: I am using Mega Man X level footage to demonstrate the 'type' of level theme I'm going for; it does not necessarily mean it would have been in MMX graphics or format.

Volt Blaster - Electrical discharge that shoots straight forward and is the horizontal length of three Mega Mans. Upon contact with an enemy, if there are other enemies nearby, they will also arc the electricity and take damage from the blast. If it hits a wall, it'll charge along the ground in either direction for a time.
Volt Blaster Movement - Can plug into socket surge protectors and refill your energy. Can also plug into mainframe outlets in installations and travel along the electric currents to open up doors and remove obstacles. You are also resistant to electrical hazards if you got the weapon energy left to protect yourself.

Ice Lance - You may fire the lance straight forward and anything it touches will be incased in ice and can serve as a temporary platform. If you are jumping, it'll fire at a downward angle and shatter into multiple shards striking any enemies nearby.
Ice Lance Movement - You can pole vault over high cliffs and obstacles with the aid of the spear. You are also immune to sliding on slippery surfaces.

Overburn Surge - You stop time in its tracks and move at your own pace; all enemies and platforms stand still while your weapon energy ticks down. You can jump further during this time and can stop the effect at any time. Once time resumes, all enemies you touched during the surge are immediately destroyed due to your insane speed.
Overburn Surge Movement - You can utilize the inherent speed the surge supplies by jumping over large gaps you couldn't normally. Your normal walking and sliding speed is also increased.

Saber Wall - A collection of swords circle around your body warding off any and all attacks on your person. You can fire them off individually at angles for minor damage or fire them all off straight ahead of you for massive damage.
Saber Wall Movement - The wall can protect you from falling environmental damage that would otherwise kill you on contact. Your speed is somewhat slowed down with Saber Wall active.

Mirage Haze - You can summon a copy of yourself to move into uncharted territory. Anything it strikes with its body is instantly destroyed, however you lose the current mirage. You can them swap places with the mirage when you've reached the destination you strived for.
Mirage Haze Movement - You can use the mirage to shift down into sand and slip into tiny cracks in various floors to explore alternate paths and hidden alcoves.

Homing Anchor - A anchor is fired out and bounces along the ground. Depending on the nearest enemy, it will alter its jump height higher or lower so that it will strike that enemy on its next bounce. The anchor will bounce back, altering its bounce height as it does so, if it misses the enemy the first time.
Homing Anchor Movement - You can swing out an anchor to attach to various knobs and poles in the environment to swing across deadly spikes or other obstacles that other weapons can't get you across.

Sonic Flush - When targetting is activated, time stops as you place a targeting cursor on the enemy of your choice. Upon release, a fast blast of water will shoot out from your cannon and strike that target. Otherwise, you can shoot out a long stream of water that you can control its up and down movement as it travels across horizontally.
Sonic Flush Movement - You can propel yourself through the water using puffs from the flush, effectively swimming through the water.

Scorch Burst - A blast of fire expands above you and explodes in a violent concussive blast. Errant flames are thrown outward at various angles, anything they touch burns.
Scorch Burst Movement - Can utilize explosive fiery blast while in the air to perform a mid-air dash. Flames wreath your body protecting you from harm and hurting the enemy during this. You are also resistant to fire hazards if you got the weapon energy left to protect yourself.

Like what you see? Well, we 'are' thinking of making a brand new game franchise separate from Mega Man where we could actually Kickstarter it and make a commercially sellable game. All these designs would have to be reworked to fit the new story/plot format, but they would most definitely be the 8 primary villains of that game. However, unless there is enough interest in such a thing, this will only remain a concept pitch video.

Final Note: For version 1.4 release of Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen, alongside fixing all currently reported bugs, adding D-pad support, making sure the Mega Buster goes through weak enemies and other issues, we are looking into adding a kaizo difficulty mode. That is all.
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