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While relaxing on a peaceful afternoon, Mega Man gets word that the ancient robot museum has been ransacked and precious copies of old Robot Masters are being stolen and revived to do battle once again! Mega Man teleports over to the museum to put a stop to this dastardly plan and find out who is behind this nefarious plot!
This game will features quite a few levels (20 to be exact) with 10 full Robot Masters to choose from initially, rather than the original number of 8. Features of this game will include:
-20 levels with 1 secret level included!
-3 rush upgrades: Rush Coil/Marine/Jet
-7 more upgrades to find that either increase your health per item, reduce damage, give you a one-shot invulnerability to spikes, let you exit a level early or slowly recover health and more!
-Tons of alternating and branching paths per level giving you full freedom how to best tackle any one level!
-3 Bounty Hunters who pop in randomly throughout the 10 Robot Master stages, its up to you to finish them off right then and there or fear facing them once again in the final stages where they will be harder!
-Classic movements including: jumping, firing, sliding, mega buster charging, etc.

Latest Blog

Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen Abridged - Released!

And you all thought it was an April Fool's prank?!
Yes, the Abridged edition is now out for download and play. Basically, there was a huge backlash from a variety of people who said the levels were too long, the checkpoints too sparse and in general the game being just exhausting to play. So...I made a separate version with these features:

-20 Shortened levels
-No alternate paths
-No permanent checkpoints since all levels are normal length
-No MM Killers in the main stages (a big gripe for difficulty)
-MM Killers in Wily Fortress only (as a result, their weaknesses do less damage)
-All upgrades can be found on the main level paths

Enjoy this 'cut' version of the game which is released completely separately from the original. There will be huge swathes of gameplay cut out as a result of these changes and people who play this version will not see the final chase scene in Wily 8 since keeping it in would have kept the stage more or less the same length. If you want the full experience, play the original, if you want an abbreviated version, try this one instead! Either way, ENJOY EVERYONE! :D


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Fantastic :D... as long as it's not as hard as megaman 9
As long as this has nothing to do with the Transformers film we're safe.
Looks cool, though. :)
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
As long as this has nothing to do with the Transformers film we're safe.
Looks cool, though. :)

I was going to say something about this when the gamepage first popped up, but now that someone has brought it up I think I'll say what I was meaning to say.

Supposedly the person who made this game started working on it before the Transformers movie came out, and that the subtitle to this game is essentially the revival of the old robot masters and their desire for revenge against Megaman for having defeated them, hence "Revenge of the Fallen".
Corfaisus is correct. And I even have a neat little bonus/surprise for those who get to the end of the Wily Castle which pertains to the overall title.
How is this coming along?
it is a bit stalled right now, my programmer is having a bad bout of carpal (sp?) tunnel syndrome and progress has halted. I'm working feverishly on Amulet of Fate in the meantime while he recovers or finds a solution. Right now, my Gamemaker 8.0 programming skills only amount to level design and simple mechanics. It will get finished eventually, just awaiting word from him.
I take that back, he just IM'd me out of the blue today and sent me the copy of the game with a whole bunch of bug fixes and updates. So its back in full swing right now, Amulet of Fate is one hold. lol Regardless, we've agreed upon a new way of working together on this project. I'll continue my work on spriting and designing the levels themselves, he programs the robot enemies and bosses on his end. He'll send them to me, I copy and paste the code over and continue work on the level designs. Things should go faster now instead of having to pass the entire game file back and forth like before. So fingers crossed, things should go faster now!
LOVE Mega Man!

I hope it is as challenging as the other ones! =D
I want this long time. I am big fan of nes megaman. I beat all 6 nes megamans (!)
Subscribed and looking forward to it.
This is going to be awesome ^^
I was a big mega man fan a few years back ("I walked around telling everyone i was MEGAMAN!") and I just recently joined up with more then a few rpg maker sites and i found some fantastic games to say the least "but" now I find this game and it seems like a dream come true for a old mega man fan! ("maga man defently still has my respect!" :>) thanks for doing what you do and i cant wait for the download!

The bounty hunters seem like a sweet idea and I am equally sure me and megaman as a team can take them any day of the week! :> I always looked forward to the power ups and unique boss fights ("with other types of hunk male robots :>>!") there was just something special about the game that kept me hooked. Revenge of the fallen seems to be going that route as well.

Last but not least made my eyes bulge outa my head! (I swear it!) 100 room challenge with random elements. This is something I havent played before in a megaman and i dont have any idea what to say but wow. The challenge will defently be great but i swear im ready so let me at emmm k :>>> (download pl) (jumps up and down eagerly)
I had something to say, but Kentona's avatar is freaking me out.
You can still say it either here or on a PM, no matter. But I guess I should explain a bit more, I am struggling a bit with finishing a few things with real life and working with my programmer on this one. So at the moment, until we can get both our lives in order, this will have to be placed on hold for the moment. Once its back in full swing, I'll be sure to remove the hiatus status and make sure I have a good update to bring too, along with video and screenshots! :D
LOL I am surprised that you actually finished the project. I thought you decided to quit halfway through and just forgot about it.

Well, if Capcom can't make a proper Mega Man game, it 's up to the fans to do it then. :P

By the way, please fix the font in the "Read me" section. It 's really killing people 's eyes.
Define...fix. I'm not sure what you are talking about. It looks fine to me. And its not actually finished yet (the game), but a majority of it is. I am still building levels.

EDIT: Ah...I see what you mean, those are images, but the white backgrounds have been removed. I'll have to get around to fixing those.
What is status of this project ? I want megamannnn !
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