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This is version 1.4.4 of the Megaman fangame Revenge of the Fallen.

Ver 1.4.4.:
- Modified a bit more of Magnet Man’s stage so you don’t have to use a jump enabling upgrade twice to reach the Rush Jet.
- Changed Spark Man stage to enable speed runners with Power Stone to get through the first half quickly while still blocking off the Weapon Tank with Knight Crush blocks.
- Changed Yamato Man stage to enable speed runners with Power Stone to get through the first half quickly while still blocking off the Weapon Tank with the necessity of Rush Jet; changed the block further in the level for the path leading to the Energy Tank to a Knight Crush block instead.

Ver 1.4.3:
-Fixed some minor bugs that cropped up in Easy Mode.
- Fixed a bug where if you spawned in the room prior to the Toad Man midboss room, the snail enemy in hard mode would glitch and be unkillable.
- Developed a higher wall in Magnet Man’s stage to prevent people from getting Rush Jet or just skipping half the stage on principle without some sort of upgrade to reach the alternate path.
- Added a few more challenges in Knight Man’s stage in hard mode.

Ver 1.4.2:
-There was a very persistent transition bug when moving between individual rooms that would cause players to disappear from the screen and then die. There is a ‘fix’ implemented to prevent this now, but it hasn’t been fully verified if the bug is gone.

Ver 1.4.1:
-Fixed a bug where going into the pause screen while holding certain inputs and then returning from the pause screen caused some weird behavior in certain situations
-Fixed a divide-by-zero bug involving the Hippo enemy's missiles.
-Centaur Man's running sound persisting after death should be fixed (again)
-Fixed a bug where starting a new game, exiting before completing the intro stage, and then restarting the saved game would send you straight to the RM select screen
-Hopefully fixed a bug where Roll hogs wouldn't disappear when falling below the stage.
-Fixed a bug where going offscreen while having the Star Crash surrounding you would cause the Star Crash to disappear.
-Fixed a bug where collecting more than 9 mini w-tanks would cause the mini w-tanks display in the pause menu to show the incorrect amount.
-Fixed a bug where getting pushed below the jumping cricket in Yamato man's stage by the stage collision would make sometimes make it impossible to jump back on the cricket.
-Fixed a bug where the large Frog miniboss in Yamato Man's stage would be instantly killed by a fully charged mega buster.

Ver. 1.4:
- Redid the joypad controller code properly this time (hopefully). Movement from both D-Pads and analog sticks should be possible now.
- Fixed a bug where Knight Man would stay in place if attempting to jump while right next to a wall.
- Fixed a bug where Star Man attempting to use an attack with his star shield when said shield is destroyed by his weakness would cause Mega Man to disappear, forcing a restart.
- As a sort of failsafe option, added a key commend (Ctrl+R) that will instantly force a restart of the stage as if Mega Man had just been killed. This will only work when Mega Man is either controlled by the player or has completely disappeared due to a bug. Hopefully this should alleviate concerns with having to restart Wily's Castle when one of these bugs possibly occur.
- Fixed a bug where you could bounce off Rush Coil multiple times before he disappeared, needlessly draining your energy in areas with low ceilings.
- Fixed a bug where Spark Shock would do obscene amounts of damage to bosses and enemies due to damage stacking from its sparks. As insurance, Spark Shock will no longer spawn small shocks when hitting an enemy or boss.
- Fixed a rather unfortunate bug where going behind Ballade as he's jumping and laying bombs on the ground will cause his position to shift and make him move off the screen, making the fight potentially unwinnable.
- Fixed a bug where charging a pharaoh shot and going through a teleporter to another room would cause the pharaoh shot to stay on screen as normal Mega Man.
- Modified the fully charged shot. It should now pierce through enemies that it kills. It will still disappear when hitting bosses and when the enemy it hits is still alive.
- Added a new difficulty, Hard mode. I definitely do not recommend playing this on your first (or second, or third, or...) time, as it's designed only for masochists. Pretend it doesn't exist if you like!
- Fixed a bug where jumping on a rotating platform that had already fallen offscreen but had respawned would not cause it to move.
- Attempted to optimize rooms with upside down water by making use of less instances than previous.
- Rush Jet moves very slightly faster now.
- Fixed a bug where the Kamikaze enemies in Tornado Man's stage would transition along with Mega Man if on screen and active.
- Fixed a bug where Gigas would not disappear if he falls down some pits
- Fixed a bug where hitting a closed bat with a weapon that damage it just as it opens causes it to become invincible
- Fixed a bug where shooting the missiles that come out of pits in the Wily Stages with a weapon that damages them would cause them to become invincible.
- Added a fun cheat code since people were complaining about having to restart the Wily Stages if they close the program in the middle. On the robot select screen, highlight the wily castle, then press up, up, up, right, down, down, down, left, up, down, left, right, start. Then while wily's ship is passing through, press right the number of stages you want to skip (so to skip to wily stage 4, press right three times).

Ver. 1.3.1:
- Fixed a bug where the Hammer Joes were slinging their ball and chains over your head.
- Elongated the final corridor in Pharaoh Man’s stage to better make the overall length of the stage match the others and added a temp checkpoint as a result.
- Increased the point ball values to 1000 and 2500 respectively to better give incentive to players in collecting them.
- Fixed a bunch of tile errors and misalignments across several levels. (updated spoiler maps to match)
- Increased the growth rate of the Recover Chip, making it far more useful.

Ver. 1.3:
- Fixed a bug where standing still while being hit by an instant death object like magma beams would sometimes not kill you
- Fixed a bug where hitting spikes while standing on a platform would do nothing.
- Fixed some potential collision/activation issues when stepping on the flip platforms found in the Intro Stage and Stone Man's stage
- Eddie no longer gets stuck if you enter his room and immediately activate his item throw before he starts moving.
- Potential optimizations in rooms in Toad Man and Tornado Man with lots of rain. Please report if slowdown issues in these rooms persist.
- Fixed a bug where hitting the weather balloon enemy with a Yamato Spear causes a second Mega Man object to appear and screw up a bunch of other stuff. He should turn into a balloon floating upwards instead.
- Rush Marine was not interacting with spikes properly at all and didn't have a proper hurt animation (unfortunate oversight). These issues have hopefully been fixed.
- Mega Man should now properly change colors when changing weapons in the pause menu in all instances.
- Fixed a bug where hitting an aqua mettaur at the exact moment he closes his shell and becomes invulnerable causes him to start flashing and become invulnerable permanently.
- Yellow Devil is typically only vulnerable when his eye is completely open. This sometimes causes a well-timed magnet missile to not hit if it passes through during his blinking animation. Now Yellow Devil will be hit by a magnet missile regardless of his blinking state.
- Adjusted Star Man's expanding star attack and Punk's spiral punk shot attack to be slightly slower and easier to react to.
- Increased damage output from Pharaoh Man’s attacks to make him more lethal.
- Made huge swath of small changes across all levels to help nerf some difficulty unbalances as well as make drastic changes to certain rooms in specific levels, namely Pharaoh, Yamato and Wily Stage 3.

Ver 1.2.1:
- Fixed bug where magma beams wouldn't kill you if you had spike guard equipped.
- Fixed bug where freezing magma would cause it to go unsolid and have you fall straight through off screen and die.

Ver 1.2:
- Fixed some Rush bugs involving him disappearing upon being summoned on moveable objects.
- Fixed the Rush Jet bug where he would warp out if he hit an invisible Yoku Block.
- Fixed Transitions bug regarding rooms that weren't all the way positioned to the left.
- Fixed variety of ladder issues where you could get stuck between screens.
- Added more temporary checkpoints in the primary robot master stages.
- Added permanent checkpoints at the boss doors to all Wily fortress bosses.
- Slowed down the intervals for Yamato Man's ground deluge of spears.
- Altered a wide swath of level design ranging from platform to enemy placement to better accommodate instances of unfair gameplay.

Ver 1.1:
- Fixed a configuration button issue in the options menu.

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