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How to Perfect Run Coltons - MMROTF

There have been a lot of complaints about the absurdity of the Coltons (or Sniper Joes) in Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen. They are standard projectile shooting enemies, however they are invulnerable from the front and their shots are painful and fast. They were made this way to differentiate them from the multitude of other similar enemies within the game. So how to get past them to perfect run a level? I have the strategies below and demonstrate it in the video!

Now there are six Coltons total in the game, 3 in the third Wily stage and 3 in the seventh Wily stage.

Wily 3-1: The first Colton is easy, you wait for his shots to flow over you, leap up to his level and do a quick count of 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3! after his last shot and leap over him. He will be locked into his firing direction and you can shoot him up from behind.
Wily 3-2: The second one requires you to be on his level and leap to avoid both rounds of shots. Once each have been hopped over, do your 3 count and leap over him to lock him into his firing direction, fire his backside.
Wily 3-3: Probably the trickiest of the six, you wait for the shots to go over your head, leap to his level, do your 3 count and leap over. The Roto Copter beyond will probably NOT give you space to shoot the Colton from behind, so blast the copter out of the sky and continue onward, ignoring the Colton altogether.
Wily 7-1: This one is impossible to kill without special weapons, but you basically don't need to. Just time your fall down through his shots. Easy.
Wily 7-2: This one is poised to ambush you the moment you land! Leap first immediately. I'd recommend waiting for his two-part round shots to attempt your three count, but speed runners might find it a bit more daring to do the three count after the initial ambush. Leap over and fire upon his backside as normal.
Wily 7-3: Not much different from the first two Coltons, not much to say here.

And there you go! One of the most annoying enemies in the game solved for you! Enjoy!