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Blog 40: Patch 2.0 Released + Other News

Hey everyone!

Okay, so it has been slightly more than a year since the full English translation of Seraphic Blue was released, and I have finally made the effort to go through the translation one more time and fix all the translation-related bugs. Thus, without further ado, below is the link to download Patch 2.0 (uploaded as of 19 Dec UTC 18:00) which hopefully fixes all the translation bugs. Patch 2.0 includes all previously-released patches so you don't have to download the old patches.

EDIT: Patch 2.0 has been superseded by Patch 2.1, which can be downloaded here: http://rpgmaker.net/users/eplipswich/locker/Seraphic_Blue_English_Patch_21.zip

After downloading the patch, just extract the files into the game folder.

Note that for those who have downloaded the game prior to 19 Dec UTC 17:32, you will have to download this patch. Otherwise, there's no need to (though you can also of course play safe and just download the patch just in case since it isn't big anyway (about 1.2 MB)).

In other news, I understand that a number of you fans have requested for the Seraphic Blue DC Altered version to be translated. In case you don't know what the Altered version is, it's a version created by some person named Rotten Apple (Japanese-translated name) with vastly-enhanced gameplay. Yes, the Altered version basically takes the gameplay of Seraphic Blue to a whole new level.

So that being said, I might actually delve into translating this Altered version. If I do, it shouldn't take too long to translate it since the story is virtually unchanged, though there are a few extra NPC dialogues in addition to text relating to the new gameplay. I will get back to all of you on this again when I have confirmed whether to translate this. And when and if I do, I will shed more info on this version and how exactly different it is from this original version.

Until then!