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Blog 10: Release Something Day Special Coming Right Up!

For those who are aware of Release Something Day, you may have already known that I am releasing a Release Something Day special in the spirit of releasing! The current translated demo, as you all know, covers the first 12 episodes of the game. This next demo...well I won't spoil the surprise until the day of release. The new content is not much, but enough to cover about 5-6 more hours of gameplay.

One of the reasons why I'm doing Release Something Day is, as I've said, to celebrate the spirit of releasing. This is also the first time I'm participating in a RMN event. I've always wanted to participate in Release Something, and now that it's back, I'm more than happy to take part!

Another reason for the release is to give more publicity to this game. While this game is not substantial enough to be popular yet (people obviously want to play the complete game for the best full experience), I still ought to give it more publicity. Comments of this current demo are positive, and so I hope that by releasing the revised version on Release Something Day, more people will be aware of a game that has become so popular in the Japanese community at the time of its release.

So keep an eye out for the release on Release Something Day!