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Rating: Teen
Genre: Survival/Mystery/Psychological
Engine: RPGMVX

" Sometimes, there comes a moment in our lives when we look at the mirror, and ask ourselves, ' Who am I?'.

It's not a matter of insecurity, but rather, a question of knowledge... what we never hear is the answer to that question, and that's because we define it. We ask it in order to guide us define that person in the mirror. But... who's to say... the person in the mirror isn't asking us? "

|| SYNOPSIS || 3/4

- The Plot -
Three years ago Reverie Norwayne suffered an accident which impaired her from doing a lot of things. In this lapse of time she unwillingly grew dependent of her parents. Now healthier, in one last attempt to show them how she's responsible and can be on her own, she tells her parents she can take care of a manor her Father has just acquired. Little does she know that in that manor, an ancient secret was brought from over seas and will soon show her that the life she's lived is nothing but a reflection of her true self.

- The Mystery -
After finding a strange box within the manor, Reverie uncovers that she's not the first to have revealed this secret to a force she could not comprehend. She must now put pieces together from clues, that of which others left behind with a help of a cursed Mirror. As she does this, she can't help but wonder, if she's just another deja vu.

- The Reasons -
Seven Generations of families; one manor. Many things happen within a family's lifespan, many of which aren't desirable and can pray on newer generations. But if anything, it gives newer generations history of their ancestors. Tales, legends and stories to be past down to predecessors for years to come... Death, vengeance, disease, narcissism, humiliation, greed, insanity and arcaneness. All attitudes, feelings and mentalities that can stain the surrounding space. Things you can feel with the skin after they may long be gone. As Reverie goes in deeper into the history of the manor, she begins to understand why she's there. She begins to understand the reasons behind the cursed mirrors.


The Duvaldi Manor was made in 1810, and has gone restoration eight times in the last 200 years, with a ninth restoration being done by Stevan Norwayne. The manor served eight families, excluding generations of the same family, as well as the current family. Through each restoration, new rooms, hidden and not, were made, it was also known that the basement was extended for large storage purposes.

The manor was placed originally in a 21,487 Square Foot Property, but through the years the count has decreased. This property also held: six wood cabins, two pools houses, a tennis court, a large front yard, a checkpoint, and several garages and sheds. Being that the nearest hospital or clinic is 42 miles away, it also held a private health center.

Through the years several mysteries have surrounded the manor, but none of which have been proved or shown to originate from the property. It had always seemed that the mysteries that happened within the grounds of the property, were not because of the manor itself, but rather the people who came and inhabited. As such, the manor was never considered as "haunted" or even to house paranormal activity, by any type of researcher.

The manor stands quiet, and quite sturdy for it's age. Welcoming the guests and families that move in. But that's just what we see; through the eyes of a cursed mirror, the house is the exact opposite: it's unrestrained, unsettling and violent. But even then it's not the house itself, but what has been brought to it; demise, despair and fear. Feelings and sentiments, that through the mirror have stained the dark walls of the manor.

At the end of the day however, it's just a house, with a nasty reflection.

Latest Blog

Early Beta Demo Gameplay:


Some stuff has changed but the core is almost the same.
Okay, so this is about 15-20 minutes into the game (depending on where you go and explore) Basically, Reverie arrived at the manor, met with her mother, and discovered a box with some random stuff in it. After finding out that the box had nothing of her interest, she tries to sleep but her friend sends her a message telling her about Rev's lighter. She lights a candle, and then... well, start the video.

This is before she comes in contact with the game main plot, and explains the existence of the event at the end of the video.

Some parts have been edited out for time consumption, as you can/will tell from the sucky transition effects from camtasia.

There are some parts were I show you a visual representation, instead of just text. I.e the generator; In the current build of the game, I show you a picture of the actual generator when you press enter. A lot of things will be represented this way as well. Which is why is taking me a bit more time to finish this darn thing, it's drawing all the things. Some stuff however, I am grabbing from other places, but I am doing my share of the deal, as well as other people helping me.
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  • RPG Maker VX
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  • 01/15/2011 02:56 AM
  • 09/29/2013 01:42 PM
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This looks pretty incredible.
Subscribed and can't wait for a demo.
This looks pretty incredible.
Subscribed and can't wait for a demo.

yay crystal methera go go go!
oh hey! It's here :D
oh hey! It's here :D

Yay! Was going to be here sooner, but work was on the way,
This sounds really interesting.
I`ll wait for its completion! ^^
so how is it coming along?

It's slowly being worked on. Staff is working hastily to have all art done by next month and again, hoping to have a demo by Halloween.

There's been a lot of stop point but the project is and will be kept alive.
" Sometimes, there comes a moment in our lives when we look at the mirror, and ask ourselves, ' Who am I?'.

i usually ask myself why i havent shaved my beard yet
Looks like a very interesting concept. I'm a die hard RM2K3 fan, but this is the first VX game that has really made me want to download VX and give it a try.
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Project is dead lol
Project is dead lol

It updated earlier this month actually.
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