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Design theory 101: Portraits

So, I've been having a bit of a problem colouring this

portrait of Laine for some time now. I was thinking of redrawing her and turning her to the left ( since shading 3/4 view is easier imo than a frontal view ). Also, it makes more sense when the characters are conversing in cutscene like

this. There's more interaction between them that way, as opposed to a character that is facing the front.

Gosh darn, those lovely FE9 portraits will be really, really hard to get rid of ( and to top in terms of overall quality ). >< I had a poll over at rpgmakervx.net for a couple of months, and after 128 votes, the results for custom art and the Fire Emblem art was tied at 43 votes each. The remainder went to those to whom art style didn't really matter.

I really don't know how to move forward here. On one hand, I love custom art in games, especially Laine's new 'Lightning-esque' design ( even though it takes an age to do, which can and will lead to the game being delayed... or worse. >< ), but on the other hand, I've gotten so used the quality of the FE mugs... ><

So, I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. Any suggestions or help on this matter?


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Only advice I can give you is don't worry too much about it. Take your time. Definitely turn her alittle as well.
You can always put the decision off until a later date. Keep working on the main aspects, and as time goes on, gauge what's most important to you.
The worst thing you can do is pour a ton of effort into something that may not be necessary.
If it takes that long, then you can just get the FE mugs as placeholders, and make the other ones as time passes... Like, let's say, you have some time here and you want to use it to something... maybe to do some advance at the portraits! yay!
I suppose that on some point, the process will be much more "mechanical", and things will speed up a little. And I think that's better if one doesn't pushes oneself too hard aha...

But clearly... it influences characters, so you have to make them too (although character graphics are much easier I think).

Anyway, as someone would say, just hear the inner voice (? it's... beating?), salut,
Orochii Zouveleki
I know portraits shouldn't be such a big deal ( or art in general ), but it's just one of those little annoying things that refuses to go away. I'll use the FE mugs as placeholders ( which means they will most probably feature in the next release ). No-one's complaining, right? ^^ Unless you've played FE9/10 and you see the original characters instead of Laine, Pat, Cil or Siglud...
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