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Slow progress is slow.

As you may no doubt have gathered from the severe lack of updates over here, I haven't been progressing as fast as I'd like. This was due to a minor little inconvenience that happened a mere day after April Fool's.

I got an 'unexpected file format' error. Yep, we all dread that message whenever our editor is open and the PC decides to crash ( in my case, the power tripped ). >< I salvaged most of my data, but going back and editing/re-creating everything from the point of that crash is... irksome.

The first hour of the game is officially deemed perfect: i.o.w, no mapping issues ( I walked over every single darn map ), no graphical bugs or spelling errors, and the battles are shaping up nicely as well. More challenging than before, but still fun.

I also lost part of the town with the dodgy name, which has now been changed to 'Camhaill', so I have to remap that as well. Lessen the 'Narm Factor'.

But on the plus side, I managed to get the in-game guide done and I'm doing a bit of battle-balancing now as well. Fun, fun, fun. Especially when you are working with low numbers. Luckily, I'm used to it.

Screens from the evented in-game guide. It is seperated into Exploring, Battles and Characters now, instead of having one character Bio section.

I'm only 4 subscribers shy of 100. O_o Wow. Nothing on the number of subbers other games have though... Hopefully this version of the game will net me that 0.5 star I'm looking for to push this game up to a 4. ^^


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Can't wait for the new release! Like I said before, with the mapping errors fixed and more balance with that one enemy (which I think you made easier or something, I don't remember, ha), this will easily bump my review up to 4.5!
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