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Lore update

So, I've been working bit by bit on ERD over the last few days, and I've started to work on one of the four major cities in the game ( However, you will only be able to start visiting them in Volume II of the game ).

I've also been doing some research into Celtic mythology and I'm starting to incoporate the lore that will make up Enelysion's world.

Tales of the Sidhe ( the Celtic Otherworld ) will take the form of a grotto where Laine will be able to talk to spirits from the past. But only once she locates someone who can open the gate leading to it ( if some of you remembered, there was a cave in the Temple of Fonteini that had a huge gate which looked very out of place ), since it it sealed with strong Geis magic ( a certain character later in the game has this ability ). More on this at a later date as well.

That blue flame that you see there is called the Belenus Flame, and it is said to have been blessed by Fonteini himself and said to burn for all eternity as long as
his practices are observed. I'm going to incorporate all this lore ( and more Celtic-related myth ) into the main storyline as well. It's seriously interesting.

Slowly, but surely building up the game world to hopefully Tolkien-esque proportions ( now wouldn't that be something ).


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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't really like RM games, but everything you're doing with this is everything I wish I was able to do with my game, the maps, the lore, the menus, everything. This easily stands to be the best RM game out there once all is said and done. Can't wait to see more of it!
Thank you for that, tpasmall. I hope I can finish this thing one day as well. Even if it does take me another year or two. :]
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