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Breeding System:

One of Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost's most exciting features is its Breeding System. Certain actions in the game will make it possible to recruit monsters to join your team. As you progress in the game, you will unlock the breeding center in which you can breed your monsters to create newer and more powerful offspring!

Specifically, how does this all work?

Acquiring Monsters:

Through various missions and sidequests throughout the game, you will be able to recruit monsters. There are a total of 12 unique base starting monsters, but you can only get 8 of these on a single playthrough. At a certain point in the game, you will unlock the breeding center, in which you can breed two monsters together. There are also some monster masters that will offer a monster of their own to breed with yours. There is a total of 106 possible monsters, with 9 of them being exclusive to Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost.

The Breeding Process

The Breeding Center is the most exciting aspect of monster breeding. When you begin breeding, you select a monster to serve as the base pedigree. The base monster will determine the result. For example, if you breed a Dragonkid and a Spooky, you would get a Poisongon. If you had chosen Spooky as the base, you would get a MadSpirit. To breed, a monster must at least be Level 15. The parent monsters will be lost upon breeding. In addition to receiving the offspring, When you breed a monster, you receive Skill Essences. Skill essences are a way of passing on skills to another monster. You will be given the opportunity to pass on the skills the monster is capable of learning. Essenced skills are not passed, however. Skill Essences will come with a stat requirement and are only useable by monsters.

Also, each parent monster will also drop one stat increasing item known as a Gene. This item will reflect that monsters highest stat and will be in varying degrees of +10~20.

*No monster learns more than 3 skills. But through the Essence system, you will be able to create a monster with a wide array of powerful and useful skills.

Alchemy Pot

Using material drops from monsters and store bought equipment, you will be able to create unique and powerful items! Recipes will be found all over the present world.

3. Casinos and Mini-Games

4. Dynamic party system: The final member of one’s team will consist of a wide variety of available monsters. At a certain point in the game you can swap out your team to mix and match to your choosing.

5. Scripts to make the game feel and play like a Dragon Quest game

6. Plan for unlockable content in conjunction with another RPG Maker Game (no details on this given at this point).


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this just came to me, but will you do the whole coffin thing when your allies die at some point?
That would be really neat! I don't know how difficult something like that would be, but I can try!
can you put a Bestiary of battled Monster through the game ??
i mean , like an encyclopedia of monsters in the game ..
well , seeing their statuses , weaknesses , strength etc ..
that would be helpful in completing and seeing what monsters have you caught and battled in the game ..
:) just a suggestion .. :D
I like that suggestion! I'll see what I can do.
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