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Story Synopsis

"Our world is beatiful isn't it?".

Altered by human's stupidity, natural order simply vanished. As fantastic dreams like magical capabilites and teleportation were made possible, our worst nightmares were also breeded. 'Warlike investigations also were at people minds, so bizarre creatures created were'.

And so, catastrophe originated. Heaven or hell, that doesn't matters now, as humans need to survive! Those new creatures struggled against their fragile masters, vanquished loads of human settlements and disgraced all the almighty human existence... to just a mere small group.

Then, our saviours appeared from a different dimension. They said that they were from another plane of the Earth. They fought against our nightmares and made them flee, with a reasonable amount of losses as a price. Who were them and what was their goal? Surely didn't mattered at the time.

But some of the creatures were that powerful, that only by leading them to a deep sleep made a difference, and were confined to the deepest places on Earth, and even some were launched to space.

Now, approximately four million years after that incident, human life is different. That magic that once was part of an emerging technology, now is natural. Most people have some kind of it for their personal use. Is not a menace, neither unusual. As the real danger for us mankind are the creatures lurking around cities, that once were our highest achievement.

Now you have the chance to start your journey as Hikari Morishita, a rather young lass, member of the Academy, the International Organization at charge of protecting our fellow and humble humans at every possible chance. And maybe you'll find some strong creeps doing revolt by there. Nobody knows what will you encounter on the world of Drekirökr.

And even some STRONG creeps would return from their deep reeves...


*An epic adventure with a lot of places to explore and lots of content!
*SNES/GBA styled low-res graphics.
*Fight against hordes of enemies in tactical battles!
*A lively world! Simulation of time passing, that influences most places!
*And best of all, forever free!

Visit the webpage:
You can check the game's webpage, there you can find news, wallpapers, fanarts... All these things I've done, and others that people shared with me. Thanks!

In case someone wants to pay the tea for me.

Latest Blog

THE Captain's Log is now 60!

This is the 60th entry in this dumb development series. So yeah hurray.

Anyway, I've been working on the game recently after a long hiatus. And I've made a lot of small unnoticeable changes, of which a lot even I forgot what I did, and didn't care enough to document on my changelogs and whatever. But yeah.

Special thanks to Link_2112. The rotating Link of... Powah! I used a lot of his feedback. Some things are still not "implemented", but I considered a lot of what he said, because I think people know when something feels uncomfortable for them. ;)
Also special thanks to a guy named Guinxu, from Spain, who recently streamed the game, not to the end but whatever, it motivated me to get back to work. So yeah. Appreciation.


Anyway #2. First thing I reworked a little. The intro screen. This is what appears the first time the game is opened. It shows some basic information, welcomes you to having fun with this piece of furniture, and some indication of "you can use your gamepad for playing too!".

I think it's way more informative now, way more eye-candy, and yeah. Less of a garbag thrown there.

This is a little bit better than some simple text with 100% unuseful keys I threw there because I had nowhere else to put them.

Another part I reworked is the character movement. Decided to finally implement diagonal graphics, because some people never realize you can move diagonally. And I tried using it on my level design. So better make it more evident. Hopefully it is!

And this is how she turns weeeeeeee.

Also the training cave got a little facelift. Basically, there is a specific part where I added some extra "explanation". The idea is that the character itself explains it to you indirectly, by showing what she is thinking/planning to do.

Here a GIF on Twitter.

Also I worked on this recently. Not done but it's better now.

And another video because yes.

AND FINALLY! Today's, yesterday and maybe a day before work. This is how battle is looking now. Things added: A bar below showing you have something called "limit", the wait command has some arrows that might say you can switch between other commands there (?), also a help window explaining what each command is for... and that's it. I fixed some other bugs but yeah.

Probably that explanation is not clear enough but... at least it's just changing a string of text.


And that's it so how good was DREKIROKR actually? I don't know. No competitive use nor information in Smogon. But you can say I'm working on it (?). Sounds as if I felt under pressure or something.

See you soon everyone! Thanks for reading if you did. Or looking at screenies and videos anyway.
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I'm just discovering this game today. Fuckin eh! So will it be in english? (careful, the answer to this question will determine whether I subscribe or not ;P)
Yep, it will. Someday. But compared with how much it will take to be an actual game, translating it will take one zillionth of that time <3.
This looks cool. Love the art-style. I hope the music goes along well with the theme!
Can't wait to try this out!
Will send feedback.
I don't know if you drew everything but if you did, kudos.

The only nitpick is the pillow shading in your last screen which is too bad as it takes away from the general quality of the art.

I really like your choice of colors though!
Can you elaborate about the pillow shading part please? Not as what it is, I know that, but where. o.o
And yep, all is made by me. And the palettes I use I think are part of me xD. I like to do a lot of hue shading, using yellow as highlight and purple as shades <3.

I love yellow and purple <3<3<3.
Sure, the fur of the body of the rabbit-like foes.

EDIT 2:Also, I think those bars above the characters are too much. I'd put them at the bottom to make the screen not so busy.

EDIT 3: You should submit your game to VREC on tig. I'd gadly make a video proviging feedback about your game provided that you're willing to do the same in return.

Ah! Now I see it, didn't thought about considering those sprites. They're quite old, and for the sake of progress I tend to stay away of old sprites (unless my eyes hurt badly, which happened with some other old sprites).
I still need to do something about those bars then "orz. Maybe I'll throw them to the bottom, and just add the small faces (only seen at the saving screen right now by the way) to the side of each one. My initial idea was to compact everything but keeping it the same for enemies and allies.
Wow, the VREC is kind of like the Secret Santa Review, but between two people. It's a nice initiative. I think I like the idea, and I'll be thinking about giving it a try (more about when, because I've been kind of busy, but would love to participate). BTW you should spread the idea over here too!
I don't know which spreadsheet you're talking about but yes, I'll check it out if I find it.
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