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Complete Chapter One

Update Log:
6/4/14 - v1.2c
- Fixed the postgame to disable access to Mt. Marendeim.
2/19/14 - v1.2b
- Fixed a bug with Liffely's Cooking Delivery Service related to delivering food to Meracon
- Added volume control and auto dash options
1/28/14 - v1.2a
- Fixed a gamebreaking bug caused by the latest patch.
1/27/14 - v1.2
- The last two bosses in the game will now put up an anti-frazzle shield if they get hit successfully by frazzle three times. This shield will dissipate after 2 turns. Note that it doesn't count just frazzling the boss, it will count if you frazzle any boss minions in the fight.
- The Treasure Hunter couple will now appear in the ending cut-scene if you saw their world event.
- Fixed bugs related to Liffely's cooking delivery service.
- Fixed bugs related to the 2nd Colorous Cave quest.
- Fixed a bug where if you somehow manage to defeat the 3rd floor bosses on the same day as defeating Plutonus, the magic shop NPCs would not move into town.
- Added several easter eggs, most of which are references to early testers and other people in the community.
- You now get a quest telling you what to do next if you defeat a certain field boss after defeating the last boss of the Caves for the first time.
- Fixed cut-scene bugs related to the Westerlys move in quest.
- Fixed the Beer recipe so that it tells you that you learned how to make Beer instead of Cheese.
- Fixed the case where using L/R would cause the game to crash when browsing recipes in the library.
- Other miscellaneous bug fixes that I don't recall at the moment.

1/25/14 - v1.1d
- Fixed treasure maps that would have a blank name
- Fixed situation where you were not able to trigger the event with Zathus to turn in the 2nd Colorous Cave quest.
- Fixed Manaleech.
- Fixed several spelling errors in the database.
- Updated the manual to include all equipment and skills.
1/12/14 - v1.1c
- Added Xebec's 2 star event
- Added Treasure Hunters world event
- Added post-chapter 1 optional boss (this boss will be refined/tweaked in the next update as well)
- Nerfed Captain Colorous and Robert slightly
- Fixed the cooking delivery quest bug where turning the quest into Qwilte would cause it to be stuck in the quest log
- Fixed weapon renaming
- Fixed a rare case where Autorevive would cause the game to crash
- Fixed a whole bunch of other bugs

8/01/13 - v1.1a
- Renew spell now works. Item Duplication bug fixed. Duplicate Food Delivery Quest bug fixed. Bug where the shelf and fridge stopped giving free daily items fixed. Various misc bug fixes.
- Ankaba can now equip swords.
- Haste can no longer be taught to Xebec or Eagen.
- You can now recruit Ankaba in the post-game, she'll be found in the Runalea Plains waterfall area. Previously she disappeared completely once you cleared the mines.
- All new music tracks from Tarranon that will be replacing many of the existing music
- You can now delete items in the storage menus by pressing Shift.
- Added character event for Milly
- A few NPCs have new post-game dialogue.

6/18 - v1.0l Fixed the patch system so that it does not rerun patches. Fixed one hole in Colorous Cave F5 that could drop you into a dead end.
6/07 - v1.0k Massive balancing patch. Tweaks to crafting, skills, and more.
5/17 - v1.0j Fixed a bug that caused Raimur to disappear if you ran away or died.
5/16 - v1.0i Fixed the Monster Hunt: Robert quest so that it can be turned in. Also, fixed the quest so that Robert spawns on save files that were created in version 1.0a. Fixed an issue that could cause the party to spawn with you if you respawn from running out of AP. Fixed an issue that could cause Zathus's character event to not be turned off after completion. Added Battle4 bgm file to the Audio\BGM folder. Life Essence and Ressurect now have animations when used on party members.
5/14 - v1.0h Fixed the Super Grind quest so that it can be turned in now.
5/12 - v1.0g Adjusted the difficulty of the last two bosses and fixed an issue where you could get stuck if you fell down certain holes on the 5th floor.
5/11 - v1.0f Fixed a passability issue on the 4th floor of the cave that occurred after defeating Langian. Fixed an issue that could cause Warp to stop working after seeing a world event on the 3rd floor of the cave.
5/08 - v1.0e Added all RTP audio SEs and a couple other files that the resource checker did not pick up. Fixed an issue that could cause a chapter 2 event to appear.
5/07 - v1.0d Fixed an issue where an npc could be stuck in cave walls. Fixed the skill Templar Strike so that it attacks enemies instead of the party. Added the sound effect Cat.ogg for non-rtp users.
5/06 - v1.0c Fixed an issue where Zathus would stop talking to you during the Plutonus quest.
5/06 - v1.0b Fixed an issue that would cause a boss to appear too early in the game
5/05 - v1.0a Initial Release

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For some reason, I'm getting a bugged download for this game. I remember playing it before though. I have the proper RTPs installed too.
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