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Progress Report


Hey guys! We briefly mentioned in the past that we were seeking to do a KS announcement sometime during this month, but after further discussion we wanted to be super 150% sure our awesomeness is depicted so we’re going to be delaying it until further notice.

Please visit us on our wordpress for more updates on our progresses we've been making and make sure to download our alpha build here! :)

Game Design

Visual updates

So after some sketching I realized that the move animation (where the character's picture rushes across the screen when doing a move) from last blog update, wasn't that "pretty". So I decided to rework them and got this!

Keep checking up on us for more updates!

Game Design


Here are some progress images of what's going on with our game ZF! :)


Progress Report


Hi everyone,
for those of you that have been waiting and anticipating for the next upload of our most recent build; we are happy to announce that our production is going amazingly smooth and getting a lot of the previous issues and issues that were found during our play-throughs on our side are being fixed.

Our phase 2 for the final product to post on KickStarter and here as our final build will be posted soon, but in order to keep track and stay on course we have decided to work on it more intensely without any updates on the pre-final build that we set for mid-October.

We have a lot of production art/music and updates on scripts posted on our Wordpress account, and will be posting more there. Please stay tuned and thank you for the supportive comments for Zodiac Fates and hope you are excited as we are about this title!

Progress Report

Decisions Updates

Finalizing of Chapter 1′s concept is in progress!

So we made a decision to make the chapter titles into a picture showcase, kind of like manga (Japanese comic) chapter pages.

Here’s the preview of the new Chapter 1 title page!



Alright guys, so things are starting to roll and being set in stone! STONE FREE~! (don't ask)

We are planning our next phase for the Beta for Chapter 1!

The demo you've guys hopefully played already only goes up to the mountain pass and to the Mountain Seals; the next chapter 1 beta will be covering that and actually going to the temple of Sagittarius! We want to see what people think of our character models and the changes we made since our demo build.

Here are some of the highlight changes:

>Bestiary (Enemy art and stats included as you encounter them.)
>Free turn battle (Actions will immediately occur as you choose what to do in battle)
>New Enemies to encounter
>New cutscenes showing some other characters!
>New areas to explore!

The planned date for our beta version will be coming by the end of September, 2013!

Progress Report


Screen shots! And click on the link for some sneak peeks on concept art works! :)

Art updates Here!

Progress Report

Still alive

Hey guys!
Didn’t want you to think we’ve abandoned or have not been working on ZF, so wanted to make a brief post! We’ve been working real hard to polish Chapter 1 and have been building it so that anything after would be smooth sailing and easier for us on the long run as well!
Like you know, enemy strengths, finalizing storyline, bust designs, gathering all art assets, and also creating new music for different scenes.
We have a lot going on, but we wanted to make sure that you guys know we’re still working really hard on it!
I or Duncan try our best to update here, but we do a (at least) weekly update on our wordpress blog!
If you wanted to know the art asset updates make sure to check out my art wordpress too!

Check up on ZF game progress here!
Check up on ZF art assets and such here!

Progress Report

Additional Content and Future Plans

As we move forward with Chapter 1 of ZF, we’re looking to add new content and interesting gameplay elements, as well as polish the look and feel of the current game. Here are a couple of things we’re working on and/or plan to work on:

- A bestiary: a fully-equipped monster manual for you to use as a reference to make the most out of your party’s strengths and abilities.

- More puzzles: some have already been implemented, but look forward to some (hopefully) challenging puzzles in the latter half of Chapter 1.

- A new party member!

- More ways to interact with the environment

- and of course new content, bosses, cutscenes, and more!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about seeing the release of the full first Chapter!


Demo Final!

Final Demo build is now available! As version 3 under "downloads" please feel free to download it and let us know what you think!!

Few things that were changed and fixed:
-Minor dialogue issues
-Battle Guide book (next to Greg)
-Stat balanced
-Skill learning order
-Skill obtaining method

Please let us know if you find any bugs as we will fix it asap! Thanks!
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