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Ren Official Character Art

All credit is due to the wondrous artist, Esther Funworld!


Name: Ren
Age: 17
Element Type: Light
Characteristics: Protective, Curious, Thoughtful

is an average boy who lives with his mother and sister
in Lyia Village, a peaceful forest village with friendly village folk about.
Ren shares a strong bound with his sister Leena, and can easily
form connections with meeting new people and friends.

Sometimes his quick-thinking and stubbornness can lead to rather hasty poor decisions. Ren cannot remember much of his life as a child, only pieces of memories and other moments that have kept with him. While living an ordinary life, Ren also deeply questions his memories and their obscurity.


Pages: 1
Wow, seeing the high-res copy is particularly awesome. Your artist did a great job on this~! :D
Yeah, I've half a mind to hire her myself x)
Pages: 1