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Welcome to the cast of Black Galax! Over here you can find the names of all the main characters, side characters, antagonist and their affliations for the whole game.

Of course, there will be some Spoilers due to overlapping 'categories' and the fact that Black Galax's storyline is based heavily around these characters!

Main Characters:

1. Aeon Mathers
2. Damien Raizen (Student)
3. Mana Raizen
4. Vincent ??? (Student)
5. Athena Ray Pelham Carafield
6. Raven Harold (Unknown)
7. Lilium Cazam (Managing Director for VSI/Director of Sales for VEI)
7. Lyeric Horzon (Student)
8. Isabel Aria Layla Cheverue (Student)
9. Venor Aria
10. ???
11. ???

Main Supporting Characters (The Deuteragonists):

Vizrel Group (VSI,VEI,VSF)
1. Ravier Connor (Owner, Founder, Chairman of VEI and VSF/Chief Strategy Officer of VSI)
2. Raven Harold (VSF)
3. Maxim Kanon (VEI: Director of Finance)
4. Marilyn Wenceworth (VEI: Director of Human Resource)
5. Perlis Variola (VEI: Director of Marketing & PR)

The Nexus
1. Cedric Conan (Owner of CFI/Founder of Nexus)
2. Dr Rachael Vallae (Owner of Vallae Research Institute/Co-Founder of Nexus)
3. Cyrus Aria (Owner of Merritus Administration Holdings/Co-Founder of Nexus)
4. Rinne Scion (Ace Detective)

Izeras Secret Society
1. Lily Amethyst (Superstar!)
2. Izeras Sycamore
3. Dr Vega Regas
4. Dr Simon Reeves

Unknown Affliation/Miscellaneous
1. Professor Astria Alicia (Sociologist and Theologist Professor)
2. Radar - Real name unknown - Yet. (CFI)
3. Voscoe ???

--- If you want to be spoiled on the antagonists of the game, go ahead ;)---


1. Vermin Lillian (Leader of Maseria)
2. Florex (Vermin's sidekick)
3. Unix (Commander of Maseria)
4. Camillis Ivan (Commander of Maseria)
5. Myriad Ecvar (Commander of Maseria)
6. Daniel Gun (Managing Director of VEI)

Black Hands:
1. ??? (Void Goddess)
2. ??? (Magnus of Black Hands)

Caladium Deus Ex:
1. Venor Aria (Commander of CDE)
2. Mana Raizen (Commander of CDE)
3. Aeon Mathers (Commander of CDE)
4. Ingrid Renia
5. Isaac Meiser (Managing Director/Chairman of CDE/General of CAF)
6. Daniel Gun (Managing Director of VEI)

Blood Faction:
1. Caron Blood
2. God Hades
3. Alethia