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Phantasia Series Terminology

This page will help new comers of the series get a quick understanding of the world of Gaia and its inhabitants over the course of five games and the now oncoming sixth game in the series.

Note: The Terminology Page will be updated periodically to add new terms and other things that have been mentioned more than once over the course of the six games.

The world that was created by the Goddess of Life, Miria and the God of Death, Zakerot. The world is parallel to Earth, green and blue. Though the inhabitants of Gaia range from Human, Demi-humans, Demons, Monsters, Elementals, and other creatures.

The Prophecy War
Before the Phantasia Series began, there was a great war that was destined to occur. Kingdoms were at war, organizations were formed, and dark plots were were being conducted. Many lives were lost during the war, there were victories and defeats, all went according to what the prophecies stated. But, the last part of the scripture was once all wars have ended, the God of Death, Zakerot would return from his slumber cast his judgment upon the world and eliminate all life, but thanks to the efforts of the Goddess of Life and her disciple, Brian. They were able to seal the God of Death away in another dimension, allowing the world of Gaia to continue to prosper for the many millennia.

The Goddess of Life, Miria
One of the two creators of Gaia, she represented all the positives on the world of Gaia. When the world was created, a man appeared and wondered of how he ended up on Gaia. Interested in the human man, the Goddess designated him as her disciple to carry on her wonders for the countless years to come. She chooses to not intervene in the affairs of the world, and allow life to evolve in their own way, as she believes that she has provided everything they need to grow. However, that decision was later withdrawn as she took away the power of the elements from Gaia.

The God of Death, Zakerot
The other creator of Gaia, he represented all the negatives on the world of Gaia, and was also the creator of the Elementals, with the exception of the Elemental of Light, Virigam. He was displeased when an outsider not from Gaia suddenly arrived on their newly formed planet, and the Goddess made him immortal to carry on the Gods wonders. Insulted by this, he corrupted one of the disciples' followers to obey Zakerot's will. Angry for this action, the Goddess put the Evil God into a deep slumber, but not before he promised that he would soon return to cast judgment upon the world. When he reawakened, he was near ready to eliminate all life, but thanks to the Goddess, her disciple, and his group of heroes, the God of Death was sealed in another dimension, never to be seen again. However, there has been one secret the two gods never shared with anyone, should one of the two die, the entire world would be annihilated instantly.

The most populated species on Gaia, most humans usually reside in the cities and villages that are scattered all over the world, the entire world shares the same dialect, meaning there is usually no pause for worry about different languages on Gaia. In ancient times, most humans possessed the ability to cast magic spells that harnessed the elements, but lost that ability over time and had to resort to using alternate means of casting magic spells.

A race of humans mixed with the power of demons and monsters. Demi-humans were once able to transform into terrifying creatures to assault their enemies, but soon lost that ability over time. Demi-humans are said to have a longer lifespan than regular humans. The demi-humans once disappeared off the face of the planet for countless millenia, but resurfaced once again in the events prior to Phantasia 5.

The protectors of Gaia, once human themselves, their spirit was turned into solid form and represents a element of the world. There are eight known Elementals on Gaia, the Elementals are as follows:
Undine, the Water Elemental
Sylpheed, the Wind Elemental
Framberge, the Fire Elemental
Valkyrie, the Earth Elemental
Virgiam, the Light Elemental
Shade, the Dark Elemental
Atropos, the Time Elemental
Thanatos, the Space Elemental

Lurnian Governemt
A worldwide collective of the 3 highest businesses on Gaia. Their top presidents have formed policies as to how trade, law, and education is distributed all over the world. All of the smaller cities have united with the LG. Ever since the LG was made, the world of Gaia has been at peace for countless years.

Renstein Company
Founded by Professor Albert Renstein. Founded 25 years before the start of Phantasia 6. They are the group that has made newly advanced technology for Gaian use. They are also responsible for creating device that utilizes artificial elemental energy, however, these devices are made for the military only. Professor Renstein is also one of the three presidents of the Lurnian Government.

Maya and CO
A trading group that was founded by Maya the 1st. She created the trading company during the long and ancient Prophecy War, it is from that point forward that the company distributed items, food, and other assortment of goods to be traded for the common man. Every president of the company has been named Maya in order to carry on the tradition of their business. Now they are also put of the Lurnian Government. Maya the 10th, is the current president of the company. And is also one of the three leaders of the Lurnian Government.

Lurnian Military
Founded by Alexander Knox. He was recently titled commandant of the Lurnian Military, but thanks to his social backround, he was also given the funds to create a special task force specifically made to thwart rising threats and act as mediators during a major crisis. The Lurnian Military's forces mostly reside in Lurnia, but there are some smaller groups of the Lurnian Military who have made bases outside of the city as a means of protecting towns and cities all over the world. Their military weapons are given to them thanks to the Renstein Company. Most of the soldiers are properly trained to respond to a national crisis, though some are led to believe otherwise.