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Back from Hiatus + Update

  • LuZi
  • 03/27/2018 07:51 PM
Hello guys, it's been a while. I'm here to inform you about the situation.
Many would've thought we're completely dead. (Well, last update was last year's January) Truth is we went on a hiatus because of my health problem. I had to spent a lot of money to afford my hemodialysis. I had to work very hard that I barely had time to make my game. I only managed to become financially stable only very recently.
As for the "fixed" demo version I promised, I must sincerely offer my apologies to everyone that I haven't touched my project since then.
Now that I'm continuing working on it I'll do my best to have the demo up again with new musics to replace.

Well, I'd like to also show you guys an update I made last week. I decided to ditch the old world map system for a new one where you controls the cursor directly to select location on the map.
This map is made possible using Mode7 and a world map I happened to draw some times ago. It turned out better than I expected.

P.S. Music in this Video is a placeholder from Rockman Zero 4.


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That map is literally jaw-dropping, amazing job!
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. D:
You have some real talent, I'm glad to see you're doing better and back at it. :3
Awesome! Can't wait to see more!
hemodialysis? ....Does that mean you're going to need regular dialysis from now on?
hemodialysis? ....Does that mean you're going to need regular dialysis from now on?

Yes, I had kidney disease since 2015. I have been having hemodialysis for almost 3 years.
oof, that's not an easy thing on the bank account. I can't really help you there, but if you need help with the script, give me a holler.
I really like the worldmap, looks very well done. Since you're using Mode7 I guess you had to split the worldmap image and accomodate it on a tileset, right?

There is one little thing that kind of annoys me in that worldmap. The "story" icon appears before and dissapears later than the rest of the markers. Wonder if there is a way to fix that? I'm guessing that since the worldmap is an actual map, the marker is an image, and so it's not affected by the screen tint.

Other than that, I really love it! I'll be waiting for the demo reupload, when it was on I missed it and have been waiting since then to be able to play haha.

Also best of wishes with your health. Cheers! Glad to see you back.
Welcome back! Map's looking real good :)
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Map looks great but I'm also really proud of you for pulling yourself up like that. Financial problems due to something as unfair as health issues can be a huge blow to the spirit. But you pushed on and climbed up to a plateau where you can dev again.

That's freakin beautiful.
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