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Received my very first achievement! XD BlueSkies 2 on homepage. <3

Hello guys! This was one of the most happiest day I have ever encountered, in that I've received my very first achievement here in RMN, for, BlueSkies 2 just got added to the Homepage. (Thank you RMN, you guys are the best!) ^_^ Congratulations also to everyone who has made it! :D

I wish to thank everyone who has supported this game, back from its early stages up until now. I will always treasure the kindness and help that I've received during the development of this game. :)

Finally, I have God to thank for making it possible for me to produce games where I can pour heart and soul into, for everyone to(hopefully) enjoy. ^_^

With that said, for anyone who hasn't played the game yet, feel free to download it now and explore the planet of Vyen with Lyrelle and her friends. :)


Version 2.5 is now up!!

Hello guys! Here's a new download for an update of BlueSkies. :) Version 2.5!

This update is simply a bug fix for some of the bugs found by the awesome players. ^__^ Don't worry though, you may still use an old save for this version. ;)

Bug fixes

- Krizza will no longer appear untimely at Utania village whenever you start roaming freely in the game. (The Krizza missing bug is also fixed already.)

- The game-breaking bug at Gemeid *spoilers* attacked state has been removed.

Special thanks to KyleLascar for specifically finding these glitches.


BlueSkies 2 Guide for the wanderers!!

Hi guys!! It's been weeks since the completion of BlueSkies 2!! ^_^

It is only right that I provide a guide for you curious wanderers of Vyen out there! :D

The guide provides information on hidden stuff that can be found in the game such as summons/weapons/skills/side-quests and whatnot! :)

You may check it out now:


Enjoy! ^_^


BlueSkies 2 Huge Character Map!


To all you guys who are interested, I just made a huge character map for BlueSkies 2 :) If you're curious on how characters are intertwined with each other, then I hope you'll enjoy this character map. :) (Warning: May contain spoilers)

Arts used by: terrorchan, Gozaru and Naramura


BlueSkies 2 Complete V2.0 Now Available!!

Hello all!! I am pleased to tell you all that I've uploaded the new BlueSkies 2 Complete version! V2.0! (As well as a patch for anyone who downloaded the previous Complete version.)


- Gold and Exp gain from enemies at the Last continents have been increased
- Final dungeon enemies have increased probability of dropping healing items
- Final dungeon enemies' strength have been dramatically decreased
- Freeze bugs have been fixed
- Missing Party members bug have been fixed

This full download can now be enjoyed fully without the need for further patches! Enjoy everyone! ^_^


(Difficulty) You're gonna want to grind in this game. ^^ (Only for the Final dungeon)

Hello guys, I just wish to discuss something with you all.

Grinding in BlueSkies 2 for preparation on the Final dungeon is greatly advised. ^^;

In the game's final dungeon, reaching level 40-45 makes for a balanced battle in handling the last dungeon monsters. Reaching up to lvl 50-60, however, immediately makes you play the game on God-mode. xD

The last dungeon will no longer be leave-able, which means that you can no longer buy items and stuff once you're at the final dungeon. I don't want you to be stuck at the final dungeon with no choice of leaving to grind more and buy items.

So if you enter the Final dungeon with your party level ranging from 30-35, you're basically hopeless. :( I just wish to let you guys know in advance to avoid future frustrations with the Final Dungeon's difficulty. xD (My bad. xD )

Also, buying lots and lots of items such as Potions, Revives and Buffs can significantly boost your prowess at the Final dungeon. Cause it's gonna be a long challenge of pure survival once you're inside.

So take this as a warning when entering the Final Dungeon! xD (Don't worry though, there are lots of Grinding opportunity at the Last Continent.)



Hi guys! Once again, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Please download this Fix patch to further destroy all the bugs I just recently found with the full version. :(

If you encounter bugs such as the game freezing or party members disappearing, then please do download this patch. :) To anyone who've downloaded the previous patch, I really plead to you to download this new fix. :)


Thank you so much for your understanding!


1. Download the "Game.rgssad" file in the link.
2. Replace the "Game.rgssad" on the BlueSkies 2 folder with the new "Game.rgssad".

3. For the missing Krizza issue. Just look for her at Utania Village and Mt. Zunna after patching to have her rejoin you.


Krizza missing from party BUG! (Fix patch)

Hi guys! I wish to inform you all of an urgent bug. If some of you have reached Utania village and performed the "Sonova" play at the theater, you'll notice that if you had Krizza already in your party, she disappears from the party after the play.

I am truly sorry for this inconvenience, it is my bad for not seeing that bug. x((

But do not fret! I've uploaded a hot-fix patch that you can use to fix this problem. :)

PATCH download

1. Download the "Game.rgssad" from the link.
2. Replace the "Game.rgssad" from the BlueSkies 2 folder with the new "Game.rggsad".

3. If you use this patch before doing the "Sonova" play side-quest, you'll find Krizza back in your party with no problems.

4. If you use this patch after doing the "Sonova" play side-quest and it seems too late that she's gone, do not panic. You can find Krizza outside the Utania Village pub and Mt. Zunna of Baul and get her to rejoin your party. :)

I am very sorry for this. x((

One more thing, if you still haven't gone to Utania to do the "Sonova" play and you still don't have Krizza in your party, I suggest you make your way to Utania now and do the "Sonova" play sidequest so that you'll no longer have to download the patch and will no longer face this issue once Krizza joins you. :)


FULL VERSION Released!! :D

First of all, I would like to thank God for making this release a possibility. Despite the real-life harshness that I've experienced, I was still able to finish this game and make it come to life for people to enjoy. :)

Second, I want to thank all the extremely talented people in the credit sections of this game, for , without their skills, BlueSkies 2 would never be possible. :D

Last but not the least, I really am forever grateful for the amazing people who've supported this game through their words of encouragement/inspiration, beautiful fan-art and etc.. You all know who you are. ^_^

Now, the moment that I've always dreamed of! The Full version release of BlueSkies 2!!

I've been working on this game on and off for 2 years! xD My usage time of RMXP on Steam is equals to 716 hours. Which means that this game was completed at a total time usage of 29 days over 2 years. xDD

So much for that, you may now download the Full version of the game and I hope that you all enjoy it as I did making it. ^_^ God bless you all and have a happy journey around Vyen. :D

Note: Starting with a clean-save is recommended to avoid unwanted bugs/crashes. ^_^

Progress Report

It's Complete!! But gotta test it first! xD

Yey!! It's done!! :D But first, I am going to run the entire game myself for testing purposes. I'll have a download available as soon as I'm done completing the beta testing of the full version! ;)

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