I'm new here. I'm trying to make RPG Maker games this decade. So far things have gotten a little better.



[RMMV] My RPG Maker Resources (MV)

I made some gimp edits from the RTP, for custom content. Just the RTP alone isn't enough for larger games. The recolored things would add variety.

Water Backdrop2 :

[Poll] RPG Maker users: Which engine do you use the most these days?

I'm permanently going to stick with RPGMV.

PS: Where do I find plugins for RPGMV? I would like the following : battle system, and fogs.

How do you get an avatar

What image are you trying to set?

*Edit: I'm also randomly wondering if this has anything to do with the updating bugs that Sooz and kory_toombs were reporting?

But it is also possible that the path being set isn't where the actual image is hosted, but the page that it is on.

Have you tried uploading the image to your personal locker here at RMN (you get 10mb) and then linking to the image directly from the locker, instead?

Okay! Thanks! The locker worked perfectly.

Titans Of Illumia

This is really bad ...

How do you get an avatar

Avatars need to be:
- 150x150px
- link needs to end in png/bmp/jpg

It still didn't work =(

How do you get an avatar

I inserted the right link from my DA account but my avatar won't appear.