Lots of stuff has happened over the years. Now I am gam mak. If you know me then you know me, if not then I am awesome! :D

Legion Saga DX
A remake of the original LS and LSR in a more modern RPG Maker using the Time Fantasy style.



A bit of a heads-up of where I've been and an apology

Welcome back!

Well that took a Dark Turn. (I'M BACK!!!!)

zds inspired us too. Even though he is no l9nger with us. His inspiration will go on. Sometimes I think I still see him posting.

I miss when I was passionate and devoted to game development

Suikoden Stories: Reminiscence

Lucofthewind is my hero. Technically I have the beta version of his scripts that was used for "Suikoden Ace" in VX Ace that I had planned to use for Legion Saga when it was planned for Ace. If I knew enough about the changes to them to manipulate them... LS might look completely different right now. Lol

Between this game and Blackmoon Prophecy... I really want to do my Suikoden 6 or War of Succession game with Suikoden I/II rips. *shifty eyes*

I look forward to giving this game a playthrough! Keep up the good work.

More like Inactive Edition, amirite?

You and I both, buddy.


I'll read this tomorrow.

Suggestions for Sega Saturn games?

Shining Force 3 and Dragon Force.

Afterword - Part II

You are my inspiration in life. Right after being an angry Scot.

Legion Saga DX

Things have been slow. Almost non-existentially slow in some months due to personal and work-related issues for both Deckiller and myself. Development been ramping back up again in the last month. I am going to make an effort to do monthly updates again.

Look at the mappng shop post for some good tea!

I still to this day hate mapping with the angry passion of an esby to the point that I would entirely rather pay someone to map than to do it myself.