Hi there!
I've been gaming for as long as i can remember from Pokemon to the Last of Us i play it all.So i'm here to begin a life long dream of actually making games for others to play.I'm a new-ish artist i've started drawing in the last few years.So maybe i can help out with art in the future.We'll See?!!
I also love writing so if you super talented people out there want a writer feel free to message me.


[RM2K3] [SPRITING] I need some help with a tileset

Just checking to see if anyone wouldn't mind making a tileset for my short ten minute game that takes place in a modern city setting.It's for the RMN Birthday event.If anyone is intrested message me thanks =)

Background noise

What do you play in the background while you're working on projects?Sports?Sitcom reruns?I personally like to listen to the Drunken Peasants podcast while I'm working sometimes,also Welcome to Night Vale.

Pixel art appreciation!

Do to my new recent obsession with the pixel art format I thought I would show of this amazing tribute to an underrated art style.

[RM2K3] Need help creating a Sprite sheet.

I want to start making sprites but i have literally no idea what I'm doing.I use GIMP but I'll switch to if that's better.I just don't know where to get started and I'm having trouble finding a decent tutorial.Any advice would be much appreciated.

[Writer] Looking to help on a project

I'm new to the community and i just wanted to help out some folks that may be in need of a writer.Unfortunately i do much of my writing in notebooks so I don't have any references online.I've tried writing everything from fan fiction to TV pilots.I have been writing creatively for about 7-ish years.My favorite genres are in no particular order.Horror,Dark Fantasy,Post-apocalyptic,Sci-Fi.

hello world

greetings every one.I'm fulfilling a life long dream of actually making games instead of just playing them.I tried unity out and while I do think It is a good tool i just wanted to play the freakin game.So i bought RPG maker 2003.

My top 3 favorite games are as follows:Fallout3,Bioshock,Dead Rising.

So yeah i hope to make some friends on the site and make and play awesome games
- Love&Peace
hat's off to you if you remember that's a Trigun reference.
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