I really just started creating in 2009 before that I had been playing them since I was 2 years old.
I mainly play rpgs but also like action and Fps.
When anyone plays my games I want honest feedback. But don't just say "I like it" or "I don't like it" tell me why.



RMN 4th birthday 4-hour

Well I'm done. Can't finish it in time but I'll probably release it tommorow.

On a funny note i hit the sign up button by mistake and just decided to do it.

Game Drive Week 08

YEM Battle Engine Melody I
YEM Battle Engine Melody II
YEM Battle Engine Melody III
YEM Battle Engine Melody IV
YEM Battle Engine Melody V
YEM New Battle Stats

The problem was you had the battle stats script over the main YEM scripts. This should fix the problem.

Game Drive Week 08

Pm me a blank copy with only the scripts and I'll check it out.

Game Drive Week 09

Sorry for the lateness guys. I guess I'll make this topic. Lets hear about your gameplay. What kinds of battle systems, minigames, other systems, or period gameplay elements are you including?

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all to RMN, just decided to make this topic to ask how everyone's christmas is going so far. Any awesome gifts? Any naughty gamers get coal? Tell us about your christmas.

Btw mine is good so far, I got nothing but I'm with my family and that is good enough. ;)


Yay!!! Thanks to the reviewer of Xelos: Sinner's Circle. Yeah running away was supposed to stun enemies for 2 seconds before they chased you, but I didn't finish it. I'm still working on it alongside my game drive game Alone.

Oh and Merry Christmas!!!


Aw no review for me :(
Oh well I can wait. I just hope Max and Desmo finish soon.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Devil Survivor is great because of the mixed regular battles and grid strategy. But in my opinion Strange Journey is better. ;)

Game Drive Week 08

I'm looking for it but while I look try this idea: YEZ can make weapons have autostates right? If so then make skills require a certain state, then make the weapon that the skill needs a blank autostate. Example: FireSlash reqiures the character to have the Sword state before it can be used and all sword give characters that state when equipped. Tell me if this works.

If my explanation sucked then I'll post a demo using Yanfly engine melody to you.

Also sorry if I didn't explain right, I sort of suck at doing this.


I say you go ahead and post the reviews, then post theirs when they finish them. No point in waiting right?
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