i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
a wolf can eat the equivalent of 100 hamburgers in one sitting

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Ashes of Roses
A Sci-Fi thriller about exorcists, Shakespeare, and a hunk with a slasher smile.




banne kentona for abuse of power

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Screenshot Survival 20XX

markus, i like your sprites overall. a few things are using too many colors, the palm leaves especially. instead of doing a chunky gradient, try using 2-3 colors to shape out the fronds

the contrast on the wooden platforms front and top might cause a headache for background/foreground differentiation in the future, but it's... okay for now.

the clouds look like caviar. try adding a bit of dithering instead of just highlighted puffballs

edit: accidentally sniped frogge so
@Markus - That looks great! The transition from the mountains to the sky is a bit... abrupt, I guess? But other than that I really don't see anything I dislike about the pixel work.

Also, oh yeah, this thread exists and I'm an attention whore pls give attention thank

[Poll] That Romance Thing (Vote)

some of ara fell's maps are pretty dang big...

rating all cat face emojis :3

apple reminds me of that AR dog emoji thing and it creeps me out.

why did google kill blob :<<<

Random RPG

oh no. oh no oh no oh no

Screenshot Survival 20XX

i'm assuming the fog is essential to your setting and not like, there just to be lol edgy. i feel there are far better ways ot showing that it's Foggy AF.

this looks awful but i think you get the idea -- a truely foggy edge of the screen, a very light overlay across the whole screen, and then a middle layer that surrounds the player but has a distinct visible radius around them

Screenshot Survival 20XX

orange did you share screenshots

Screenshot Survival 20XX

what libby said, and thanks. buy them from, just google vexedenigma

Screenshot Survival 20XX

messing around with POP! sets. pretty enjoyable to work with.

[Poll] When Do High School/College Finals Happen for you? For Use in Future Events and Jams