Dragon Hunter Review

Something compels me to try this game now.

Lost in the Woods

Geez I didnt have a good run at this. First two fights I had were a team of two spiders. x3

Town of illustive Series (Old version)

I noticed in the beginning, before you enter the house and where you can talk to the others, if you talk to Alan and choose the 'House' option, his name will not be capitalized.

Dumb or Daring?

I think that sounds like a pretty good idea. So it's basically a 'Scene selct' thing, right?

Dumb or Daring?

I think the ability to save would really be a good idea to put in. Like Nemica said, I think no saving would be better for a small game, even if there's no game over. It sounds like it would be a huge pain to get 45 minutes into the game, then have to redo everything due to something coming up or if you're computer freezes or something. I would definitely suggest adding the ability to save.

The God of Crawling Eyes

I jut played this game and I really enjoyed it! I loved the black and white designs and the idea of playing the game through the eyes of a colourblind kid.

The Final Sin

The characters and graphics look amazing! Can't wait to give this game a try!


I'd recommend changing this title screen, it looks kinda gross. And not in an exciting way :I

I think it fits the game. It's just a rusty looking title screen that fits how the rest of the game looks. The Title Screen isn't that gross.

How to be Funny

This game disturbs me, but I can't keep myself from laughing. Words cannot describe how much I adore this.

Dark Mirror

This looks pretty cool! Can't wait to hear more about it!