This looks like a pretty interesting puzzle.

Not to mention evil jesters are like always pretty interesting and cool characters in my opinion. x3


Thanks for the lil update :3
I'm sure no one will mind waiting a bit longer.
This game seems like it will be pretty good so I'm looking forward to it!

D.O.G and the abandoned train

This seems like a pretty interesting game! Hope it gets you a good grade!

Character Sprites - Cute or 'Realistic'?

I think I prefer the cuter anime style :3 (the one on the left)

Thinking of a second beta, a demo version probably.

I saw some of the pics and the new designs seem much better! Can't wait to see more!

Dark Aria

This sounds like this game will be pretty cool. :3
I'm interested in the Sanity and Knoweldge meter. These sound like they'd be a pretty nice part of the gameplay :3

She (DEMO) Beta

I played through the new demo :3

First off, I would suggest trying to find a way to make the title screen music a little less loud.
I couldn't find any bugs but one noticeable one. After making my way to the upstairs after talking to Sally and Cody (sorry if I forgot the names) and in the '1st Floor Passage' room, the staircase needs fixing. You can go upstairs from the front or right side. But if you walk straight down the middle of the staircase, you walk into the outside of the map/room. Sorry I'm no good at explaining things x3

But I really do enjoy what I've played through. And just out of curiosity, is this game inspired by Haunting Ground(judging by some of the sounds and songs)? The maid also does remind me of Daniella too. :3

She (DEMO) Beta

I remember playing the demo a while back (from the RPG Maker forums, and I really enjoyed it. The only problem I remembered was some of the objects were not solid and you could walk through them.

Densha Soul

Ah, that does make more sense. I just assumed she was too focused on trying to get home she just ignored it. It actually makes more sense after reading this and how she doesn't actually see what we see :3
SO I have a question more on your games in general. Do all of them take place in the same universe?
Also do you do some of the graphics yourself? Like the ballerinas and dolls in Ningyo Heart and the spirits in Densha Soul?

Densha Soul

I've played most of the demo I beleive (I just met the Jester spirit. I think his name was Jiyoku. Sorry f I forgot his name or spelled it incorrectly.)

I really enjoyed all I've played. One thing I noticed is when you pick up the shovel, after you dodge the train a portal looking effect comes up around when the train disappears. However, the portal effect seems like it's placed a little too far down.

Also, like PinkPinkPink mentioned, I thought it was a little strange Momo is kind of willing to go on this spirit train after the sign cat the begging warns her not to and after seeing spirits try to kill her.
However... I honestly am ok with it because I am under the impression that Momo is so desperate, and like you said she is overwhelmed, to get back home to see her sick mother that she decides to ignore any supernatural activity or shrug them off as her imagination.