Collectibles - Memories

So pretty much like the Memory collectibles from Alice; Madness Returns only more in depth and more important to the story? In my view it sounds like a really nice idea and I'd give it a shot.

Densha Soul

This looks really awesome!
Also I think the idea with the cat is pretty useful. Would definitely help me at least.

Resident Evil Demake

Well like I said, it's probably just my anti-virus thing... Not like I'm trying to boycott the game or scare people away. Just thought I might just let you know just in case.

Resident Evil Demake

I'm sure it's just my Avast, but I just thought I should let you know, when I personally downloaded it, Avast told me there was a Threat Detected, so I don't know if it's just my avast or if it's the download. Sorry though, I just thought I'd tell you I had a problem with the download.


This looks real interesting. :3
I'd love to give it a try when you've got it up. :3

Ningyo Heart

Geez, cool your jets. It's actually a lot of work to make a game, you shouldn't just go thinking it should be perfect just for you. I was thinking of reporting the comment, but either you're not actually serious or just being mean.
Games that are "Completed" should have been tested A LOT prior releasing the game therefore there should not be any glitches or missing stuff It's not like he had a deadline to rush it like some gaming industries do

Report it for what? being honest? I spent half of my day playing this game and got stuck a lot because I was playing without reading the walkthrough and now I can't advance anymore because he f***** up that's not my fault you know? of course I am dead serious It's not like he has his own website or email to contact him otherwise I wouldn't had registered to post this comment

Sorry If I offended you but the comment was directed to the author of the game not you.

I think it's the fact you were pretty much shouting at the author, insulting the author right at the beginning of your post, using red like that to display how angry and upset you are, and just getting mad over a small problem. It's very hard to make a big game like this and the author tried their best. And the game itself is very good and done well. I'm sure it WAS tested well but no game is perfect and every game can have bugs. But I don't think it was worth getting much more angry than you should have been. The creator of this game does NOT deserve to be cursed and shouted at for a lil bug you're experiencing. The author does NOT deserved to be insulted in the very first sentence and he doesn't need to be told he's screwed up for a lil bug he didn't know about. You're even gettign worked up and getting mad at the author, claiming that they screwed up like it's all their fault. It's just a small problem and the author never screwed up, it's just a small issue. Also, there's a big difference between calmly letting the author know about a bug and getting all worked up and mad about something so small. Plus, making games is hard and it's difficult and you need to understand they're trying their best to make these for everyone to enjoy. Sorry for being more of a pain myself, but I just think if you could have been more calm and more polite about this.

SHMC (Short Horror Movies Collection)

Well although I like playing RPG Maker games, I bet this will be pretty cool! Can't wait to check it out!


This is looking pretty good!


Way to go Shimoda, you just had to eat the offering! x3


Oh dear not Akemi Tan x3
This game freaked me out. x3