The Star Rod Chronicles

also how to patch the game ?

The Star Rod Chronicles

i found it thank you

The Star Rod Chronicles

basically i had to restart the game but i dont know which bookcase is it lol im looking i dont see a book case that looks different

The Star Rod Chronicles

thank you so much i been stuck for awhile lol also there is a bug there tbh if you lost after you open the door on the first floor the two guards will start moving then stop

The Star Rod Chronicles

the mayor house with the guards

The Star Rod Chronicles

where is the key in the house lol

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

i beat the game today you can beat it at level 23 btw peeps

Wrapping things up!

thank u so much i cant wait play the game

Final Fantasy Discovery

everyone wanting for this game to come out lol

Something Something Ninja RPG

New Download Link has been restored so that should work.
Still looking into the sound issue. Any idea what sound file it was (or what area was being exited?)

oh i will have to go look there is other bug in robo land too btw the chemist doesnt get the one plus item after battle when she equips her items
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