Hello. i am not male nor female, i am my own species! i am here to seek out the most creative,styled,Lore, Rpg Ace games on here. i am very picky on witch ones i should play,



Saviour: Angel's Tears

I.LOVE.THIS. its so heartwarming and sad and cute. but i did come across some bugs/glitchs

like if you go in the room with the sleeping girl and the dog. and go back out your teleported to the other side of the hospital,

and theres a room beside angels room somewhere that you can climb up the door and walk on the ceiling.

Heiwaboke Crisis

i cant play it. everytime i click it a error pops up saying 'RGSS-RTP standard not found.' how do i fix this?

EDIT: i fixed it, never mind i just had to download the RPG XP.

Memories of Elefee

I love it!! and i cant wait to play the full release! ill be sure to keep a eye on this! im so into it!

The Vendor

Pretty Noice


cute and charming

Starless Umbra

Pretty awesome
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