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Some ways to come up with less performant algorithms
Incites other scripters to share some causes behind some less performant algorithms(Mainly about time and memory usage)
03/08/2015 02:33 AM
Some ways to store RGSS3 code strings in notetags
Share the 2 such ways I know so far
04/25/2015 04:20 AM
How to write an atb system script
Mainly targets those wanting to write an atb system script or understand how the existing ones work, or those just interested in the atb concept
04/25/2015 04:37 AM
Basic knowledge to the default RMVXA battle flow implementations
Share my understandings to the default RMVXA battle flow implementations(only share basic stuffs here)
06/14/2015 05:23 AM
Naive ideas on basic 2D collision detection with simple shapes
Shares an iditioic counterexample of implementing such algorithms lol
08/10/2015 03:48 PM
My Views On RMVXA Scripting Proficiency Levels
My general categorization as a mere reference based on my experiences and observations so far
08/26/2015 03:03 PM
Using OODA to write battler AI
Write battler AI that tries its best to minimize the chance for the players to win
09/11/2015 04:08 PM
Basic knowledge in concurrency with a centralized clock
Share my insights and views on concurrency
02/08/2016 02:01 PM
Introducing Component Cohesion/Coupling Digraphs
Covers the basic knowledge on Component Cohesion/Coupling Digraphs(Com Coh/Cou Digraph, same below)
06/25/2016 01:32 PM
Basic knowledge on using Javascript ES5 access modifiers and inheritance
Use an easy, simple and small scenario to briefly cover some patterns illustrating Javascript ES5 access modifiers and inheritance.
02/11/2017 11:31 AM
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