Weird and Unfortunate is now available in Russian!!! :DDD

Oh no, its finally happened.

14th RMN Birthday

Another challenge, eh.

Umbral Soul Review

Bias 100% because of writing.
Based on actual review lot of flaws here and there, but score are 10/10.

4 Years Later

Well shit.

A Christmas Adventure!

Well I played... the prologue or setup is quite long. I stopped at gramps story, because it was dragged and dragged without gameplay.
The atmosphere is nice with all that GB pokemonish-like graphics. That fantasy evlevish fairytale was strangely odd and out of place compared to overall atmosphere. Maybe the game would match this backstory later I dunno.
But I don't know how many text I need to read before they actual games starts.

New Version, Big Overhaul to Temple of Rebirth

Thanks for update, reposted already ~

RMN Christmas Card 2020

That’s if Kentona doesn’t happen to sell RMN to the Russians

Who needs you! We have our own RM por... dragol remembered that we have right now... on other hand yeah, it's a good plan >:3

RMN Christmas Card 2020

And done. I hope my grammar won't kill some puppies.



Weird and Unfortunate Things COMPLETE

YAY! You made it! Another finished game from unity :3
Already reposted ~