extreme disappointment
Save the day



[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

my money is on cave being a second independent, we don't need to kill him though to prove that since he's made a vanilla claim - libby's power would be enough.

Never hold out hope for kentona...

I still hold out hope that I may one day learn what the A stands for.
it stands for alaskan, emily


why's no one pointed out the frogge reference

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

We discussed it prior with Hex and decided there was no need no need for the secrecy, and could vouch to each others roles and save town the trouble of wasting lynches on us.

i guess, but hex had already vouched for you during the day so i don't think the nightime reveal was necessary (especially with hex verifying himself via piano).

knowing the radio source is town effectively caused all this by providing easy cover

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

frogge - out of curiosity, why did you reveal yourself in the broadcast instead of doing them anonymously?

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

please play my game
ignoring the broadcast & pm stuff, i'd say it comes down to which narrative we believe. if we believe libby is being honest about her role as independent then fomar, psy & if i absolutely need to name a third cap_h as they've spent arguing time against points that can be easily verified by checking lib's alignment the fact that we know hex's role. otherwise liberty, gourd and one other that's not obvious yet.

but i'm leaning very strongly towards the first group

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

i'm sorry, would you like to talk about the PM odd sent you one more time?

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

well that's an hour of my life i'm never getting back

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

Esby better start fucking posting
i'm back and ready to fucking post

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

got it, i'll be back 4/5ish my time.