Kryberia - Part 1 Review

Seriously, if people offered to help me along with this project I would continue it. As is, I just don't have the time to go at it alone because of my real life career.

Digital Tutorial (Part 1)

You are actually pro. This is pretty awe inspiring work.

RMN Snews - Issue #7

What! You didn't just do that!

Kudos, just passing thru.

Admit it. You are all only posting because the Evony girl appears with her sideways cleavage at the top of every RMN forum page.

I bet WIP and rcholbert are laughing all the way to the bank.

ff8 sucks

I am stuck fighting the guard robot thing in Lunatic Pandora. It's an incredibly difficult boss.

Comment notification?

Now all we need is someone to go to WIP's house and whip him until he finishes it.

Requesting Title Screen!

I think you should use the paedo hand one that ken made. Paedo hand says press play.

Car (3D Model)

That's a rather helpful reference image layout you got there too. I am glad there are more people taking up 3D in the community these days. Good effort for the bodywork so far man.

post your picture

congrats for having the creepiest avatar I ever saw today ken

Playstation Network

There's a rumor they are going to do the same with PS2 games eventually, when they sort out PS2 games running on ps3.