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Beefing up a game page

Hi guys!

As some in the Discord might know, I've been tinkering with the CSS to my game page to give it more pizazz.

I should note I am a weirdo and my design ideal was 1990s geocities so the only thing I lack is JavaScript snow. Deal with it. Anyway.

I have currently managed to:

- Create two new side bars
- Add box art in these
- Add LIVE HIGH SCORES ON RMN in the side bar
- Make everything resize and zoom around depending on screen size, using viewport widths, @media and min-widths
- Change the colour scheme of the game page itself

I am wondering where to go next. Obviously, the actual content of the game page is important! I need to make it more graphical, perhaps neaten up the text, and be less text heavy to start with.

With some aspects now relegatable to my side bars I could also clean up the page, as long as I don't go too far and start messing with key elements - I am wary of being RMN legal, I know that the Powers That Be do not want anything changed with the top menu, logos, etc. It still needs to Be RMN. Indeed my side bars may be a push too far but we will see.

I can use my server to generate stats and things for the game and place them in key points. Perhaps things like number of players today. Basically I am doing this by generating PNG images on my server and using them in IMG tags or in backgrounds using CSS rules (none of this actually edits the site; it's just images).

Here's my game page: https://rpgmaker.net/games/12302/

Obviously none of this is an excuse for poor gameplay or a weak game description itself; the game page is just a little project to keep my time at the moment (going through a rough patch right now).

Anyway. I'd love to hear what you think to my spruced up game page and see where you think I can go with this to push it further.

If you would like to use my high scores system eventually in your own game I'd also love to know. It is not public yet, and it is probably terribly coded, but I'd still like to work with you in the distant future.

This image is live:

Disclaimer: though RMN went down after I added my side bars, I am not the reason the site went down. Nothing I have done is any more than adding a CSS rule, which are processed client side and only from MY game page. It's a coincidence. Honest.

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

What's this? What's this?

Advanced RPG Maker is an eZine. Forget what you know about eZines (because erm, it's probably not like any eZine you've read, as it's a silly contrived form of eZine only really for fun and looking-nice purposes).

In short, it's a faux magazine, hosted on the Internet, available in PNG and PDF formats. It is a sister project to the HBGames.org eZine, and uses the same format.

What's in it? What's in it?

News, reviews, tutorials, interviews and other articles about RPG Maker and the RPG Maker community.

Who's in it? Who's in it?

So far I have had a good response from the RPG Maker Web forums, and HBGames, with members from both saying they'll submit content for it or would love to read it.

When's it? When's it?

The first issue is due a month from now (the reasoning being that if it's to be monthly, which it will be, I need to know we can make this in a month).

The HBGames.org eZine currently runs monthly but has suffered in the past from lengthy haituses, mainly due to lack of submitted content. There have been four issues in the past four months though of reasonable length and quality.

Why's it here? Why's it here?

I want to know if you, RMN, are interested in being a part of it.

Far from being an advert for HBGames, I want this to be inclusive of the entire online RPG Maker community. We have the blessing of web for it to be promoted there, but I'd like this to highlight the good in all the online communities.

How long's it? How long's it?

That depends entirely on how many people submit content for it. I am aiming for 15 pages assuming nobody submits anything; if they do then it will be at least 20 pages. From there, I will decide what should be kept for issue 2 and what should go into issue 1, so it will probably stay at around 20 pages in length.

Where's it? Where's it?

It's not out yet. But have a mockup.

Full size image: http://i.imgur.com/H3LPOov.png

Thumbnail that will be used in the directory:

Please note this is NOT the cover that will be used, it is just an example issue.

So. So.

I want to know if you're interested in this idea! It'll go ahead anyway, but it'd be great to have a big name like RMN on board, even if it's just an "oh, yeah, I'd probably flick through it once while on the loo".

How's it? How's it?

Here's an example, the HBGames eZine:

PNG: http://afar.ws/ezines/New/ezineissue15.png
PDF: http://afar.ws/ezines/ezine15.pdf

Here's the discussion thread on 'web:


Thanks for reading.


Hi, I'm Amy. You may remember me from such forums as HBGames and RPG Revolution. I am a master of the RPG Maker universe and my games and reputation precede me: they are so good that I do not need to post them, in fact, as you already have them on your hard drives. I'm pretty sure I'm the holder of 72 misaos and a whole collection of predated maker points that will shortly be added to my account. You don't need to respond to this introduction. In fact to do so would be an insult to somebody so prestigious, please, don't tarnish a perfect thread with your dross.


The CAPTCHA for this post was "AMY'S BRILLIANCE", that sums it up entirely. I hope you enjoy my stay.
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