Final Fantasy Dissidia 0...
The eternal conflict continues, but something has changed...




The game was cancelled. Too work to do in my life and this project was lost from my goals to achieve. If in future i change idea about this, i will inform you.

Final story trailer and August 2016 progress report

I like the idea of using Pictlogica images for faces.
It'd be nice if the trailer had English subs or something. (If anything I could help with correcting grammar in English as I don't know Italian. That's Italian, yes?)
That target completion date though...
Also, for battle sprites are you planning on using custom ones or the ones from Final Fantasy Record Keeper? Also, I think Seymour will be added in Japan this week, so we'll get a nice sprite of him (+ an alternate outfit for Tidus, but that's not important here).
Yes you are right, today I will start with the translation of the trailer, so you can understand the dialogs, and I will add English subs, btw yes that's Italian. If I need your help for helping me for correcting grammar I will contact you ;) (but I think that is very probably).
Regarding the battle sprites... Yes we are planning on using the ones from Final Fantasy Record keeper. It would be nice if Seymour will be added this week, anyway I don't know of this, thank you Noel to advertise me of that.
So probably, I hope to release the English subs trailer as soon as possible :)

Final Fantasy Dissidia 014

Lol why Firion´s face is so chibi? Well, nice project man. You should fix some attacks as well, for example the weapons icons aren´t well placed with the character sprite when attacking. Subbed

The faces that we used for the moment are temporaries. Meanwhile for that regards the weapon icons, we will have to fix that problem that is orrible to see ;)

Second story trailer and information about the demo.

Update 4th December:
I am sorry to say that the day of release of the demo is far from now, because there are some things to correct and for this I have decided to put off that day.

Second story trailer and information about the demo.

I'm really excited seeing the trailer, but there are a lot of grammar mistakes and such. I suggest getting either a native speaker or someone with better English skills so the errors won't drive away potential players.
Also, it seems you tend to make a bit too large maps without giving them enough detail, so they end up rather empty.

Yes I know that we need someone with better English skills, for this I think we have to find him.
The demo that I will release tomorrow is in Italian, but I hope that it will be try.
For the maps don't seems too large... Maybe I wrong, but you can see better with the demo.

New Final Fantasy Dissidia 014 Logo

Very nice, good work

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that you like my logo :)

New Final Fantasy Dissidia 014 Logo

Is that Garland with a crystal? Nice job BTW. ;)

Thanks Noel, anyway that is not Garland, but a new character. His identity has to keep secret for the moment.

New Final Fantasy Dissidia 014 Logo

looks really nice

Thanks, I wanted to make a logo more like those made by Yoshitaka Amano , and especially more meaningful for the game.


I like the style of the battle sprite that are very similar to the original drawings, made for the original snes game, but I have one question...
The actor battler sprites are animated or have one frame sheet?

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

I'm very interesting how this project came out.
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