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Noise/Doodle-maker for fun and occasionally cash.
The Linear Game
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Howdy! New to the forum and assorted ramblings

Hello there, good folks!

This place looks pretty swell :) I've been dabbling in RPG Maker for quite a while and I've been always fascinated with game design. Just thinking of the possibilities makes my head spin really fast with racing ideas swirling like tops.

I also compose music for myself and for video games. Why is my name Forgotten Dawn? Because that's how my main project is called. It started as a musical project, but I'm planning to encapsulate game design and graphic design in it, since I'm a graphic design student and I try to keep myself busy with a lot of ideas.

Right now I'm working on the beginning of a huge story arc called _fade, currently developed on 2k3. It's in development, and it kinda has a Yume Nikki feel in that it's mainly meant to be a dialogue-less exploration game with some puzzles and a dense, somber atmosphere. I'm aware it's being a long introduction, so I'm cutting it short :D

I'm just gonna say that I'm really looking forward to hearing you guys and hopefully have a good time exchanging some feedback. Cheers!
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