A soon-to-be first year college student who has an overflowing interests in game making.
This creature is also such a perfectionist that he almost never gets anything done...



version 0.2 pre-released avalable

tell me what i should do after i download>?

Assuming you're experiencing the same thing as me... try changing the file extension to .exe.

Project Embark

Woooowww thanks for the subscribe guys! xD first three subscribers and first two comments! 8D

...secret: I'm doing a title screen right now :P


Awww aww awawa waaaa.... ;_; wait... you loved it? O.o

*secretly thinks that BareGamer is an M* '3'~

The Seven Towers Review

...Eh. Now I feel kinda sorry for him with this many people killing him around :/

At first I was like,

"Damn nublets, desecrating the NCC entry list."

Then I was like,

"...Hang in there, son. This will end, believe it!"

Adventure Ace

Damn, ain't that layout sexy...
Subbed! I'm eager to see how this goes in the future :D

~ alter perfect ~

Again, vague description, minimal info.

I'm taking the download home *prepares to be shot by the awesomeness*

RPG Maker VX Ace - Nugget Crash Course

Cool! :D I'm currently uploading the unencrypted version, compressed with the built-in compressor if it's ok (no .rar, but .exe).

OK this kinda silly, but how do I *upload* the game?
I figured it's not to the "Locker," so... :/

Sorry, I missed your post on the 9th page.
*waits patiently before it's approved*

RPG Maker VX Ace - Nugget Crash Course

OK... ready to submit. So... do I submit the encrypted or un-encrypted version?


A demonstration on the Hotkey system and the first dungeon appearance.

RPG Maker VX Ace - Nugget Crash Course

Four days left, eh?

...I wonder if Rhyme is participating in this contest...
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