An old experienced game maker, I've been around making games since the original Verge, moving on to Verge 2 and ika. While not as active these days, my ultimate goal is still to finish Mannux, my Metroid style platformer. I do still have a few new tricks up my sleeve...
Scifi Metroidvania game


Help wanted for Mannux, my Metroidvania style platformer in ika (Mapping mostly)

I've recently started working on Mannux again, and Corey has started doing artwork for it. For anyone who has yet to see it, you can find it at http://rpgmaker.net/games/2283/. But it's difficult to make a game of this scope with only two people. I wouldn't mind adding at least one more person to the team to bounce ideas off of, someone who is familiar with Metroid style games and is comfortable in a map editor, to help build some additional maps for the game. At the moment we still only have the tileset for the main area, but even with that there is a lot one can experiment with to get some good variety of rooms. I can't offer anything monetary at the moment.. but a long term goal is to get this game onto Steam. The engine is getting close.. just need to finish the game itself.

A knowledge of Python scripting is not required, but would definitely be useful. Anyone willing to take a crack at it, reply or PM me. :)

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