Pixel artist from Spain. Just finished my first game.
A short-lengthed RPG in which you guide a dog boy through the snowy moors on a quest to get his best friend back.



RamZ's Last Minute Resource Mak Evento

I've made a new room and some details for the protagonist's house on the game I'm currently working on.

Broken Mirror Review

Thanks a lot, I have fun writing these reviews (een if you can probably notice that english... isn't my native language!), but I've even more fun playing these games.
This was good, I liked especially the graphics... and that ending!

This game was a pretty refreshing experience since it only took me around 3 weeks to complete (unlike Abdogtion, which made me spend around six months of my lifetime to release without even counting the eight patches)

Also, I'm not a native english speaker neither, learnt over time thanks to the time spent on Internet.

Broken Mirror Review

Once again thanks for your review! Took some of the feedback to improve the game. (though the extra inputs should've been available from the start, I just forgot to add them at the last minute)

Also, let me tell you that your reviews are pretty entertaining. Loved the way you drew similarities with my last project to highlight style peculiarities.

Abdogtion Review

I may be a bit late, but I wanted to let you know that some of the improvements I've made for the version 1.8 were made keeping your feedback in mind.

So thank you for taking your time into reviewing the game.

2021 Misao nomination monthly data

My knowledge on the Misao event was pretty basic as this is my first year participating in the community events.

However, some good folk on discord explained to me how it works and encouraged me to participate.

Early this year I shared my first serious attempt at game making, which was the result of six months of work (a fairly high amount of time for a 2-3 hour game experience) and after the release I kept adding fixes and improvements until I was satisfied with the result.

The project I'm talking about is Abdogtion, an action command based RPG inspired by games like Paper Mario, Earthbound and moon Remix RPG.


The end of this game broke me.

I had a great experience playing it. Excellent work.

Glad to hear that, I did put a lot of effort on making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Also, for anyone who played the game: I would apreciate to get some reviews, it may help the game to grow.


And second, could you describe what were you doing before getting stuck like that? I've been thinking for a while and couldn't realize what could've caused this.
I was trying to climb the rope (not visible on the pic, it is just north of the three retired spikes after a monster that.. is no more because I killed it). I climb and exit the screen, entering the next one that has the camera moving up and then it goes to that image. If you want I have the savegsme (for version 1.6) in front of the rope. It is the cutscene that leads to that...dunno why

Oh, I've discovered what's wrong, I'm so sorry for this. If you have a save where you're not stuck you should be able to continue your game as soon as I launch v1.7.


ok, sadly it's bug time! After fighting a boss, when I arrive at the looong rope, after the cutscene that shows the rope, this happens...

and the doggo is stuck!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to report bugs, feedback is greatly appreciated.

And second, could you describe what were you doing before getting stuck like that? I've been thinking for a while and couldn't realize what could've caused this.

Theme Roulette 4

I'm in, I'll try to make things as weird and fun as possible with whatever I get.


Thank you for hosting this event and to everyone who contributed on making it fun with their submissions.

Also, sorry for not commenting too much, I tend to take a more passive role on communities.
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