I'm an avid RPG player. I don't program games (not my forte) but could help write plot, stories, and characterization with someone else. If you want ideas on how to improve your games, give me a shout.




As far as the music goes, no offense meant ;-) I just don't care to listen to music when playing most games. Some of the battle music for final fantasy 7 being the exception (and most battles aren't that epic to warrant *that* type of music).

My ideal party was the Lucian, the genius kid (Zane?) , Lily, and Aireon. The reason I kept Lily in the party all the time is because she is the only character who could (after she got her X element #3) affect all enemies. Also the non-elemental damage was nice.

I didn't use Boyd at all, but was able to add him to my party. I guess I'm not much into buffing (not that it really was necessary). I kept plenty of remedies on hand (some of the symbols I couldn't quite figure out what they were supposed to be for, so I ended up using a remedy when something cheaper might've done), and had the bombs to even things out a bit when things got too hairy.

Two last points: In the cave with all the cat people, there was a door that couldn't be opened besides door that led into their lair. Was the key that broke able to open the other door as well?

When splitting the party to decide to go left or right, it would've been nice if the other chest was able to be accessed afterwards (of course you'd have to risk fighting more monsters...) or the general automatically took what was inside and offered it to you or something.



I just completed the game.

I don't know if there are multiple endings or not, but wow! Very good (and unexpected) that you would kill off a major character at the end.

A few (minor) notes

1) The place where you have to fight the leader of the cat people, if you go back into the cave, you have to battle her again. Thankfully i had saved nearby so it wasn't that big of a deal

2) Most towns all the locks on the doors are locked and un-pick-able. It'd be neat to know a bit more about the residents of the town and maybe find some more chests or things hidden in bookshelves or the like.

3) Most places it's pretty clear where you can and cannot go, because you simply can't access places. But a few places that you CAN access, you can't go anywhere-- it'd be neat to use those areas to have places that you could go for more hidden areas

4) Character abilities: Why some of the characters stopped getting special abilities. It'd be neat to be able to buy more moves

5) Battles: some of the battles were really tough -- and 1 or 2 was even tougher than the final battle. Also running from battles was pretty hit and miss. A few times I ended up with a TPK because the monsters wouldn't let me flee. Also, the drops on the monsters seemed pretty random. Some monsters in some areas always dropped X, while the same monster in other areas dropped nothing.

6) Stores: not all stores had the same selection, and so i had to go back to previous areas in order to get things I wanted.

7) Costs (1): I felt that some of the equipment costs were not in line with the protection/ damage that it did

8) Costs (2): I felt that some of the special abilities weren't in line with the damage that they produced.

Graphics 8/10 The graphics were consistent. The only problem i had was towards the end with the black scree covering. I could hardly see anything.

Music N/A (I never keep the speakers on while playing)

Plot 9/10 some parts of the plot took a bit too long to unfold and could have been discovered other ways (still VERY good-- in fact on par w/ final fantasy)

Character Choice 6.5/10 Once I got the "idea party" it seemed useless to have the other characters. It would have been neat for the finale that the monster was so big that all the party could have been playing at once (one party of 4, another party of 4, and the monster's turn)

Puzzles 7/10 Most puzzles were pretty well balanced between being challenging and fun, though there could have been a few more for my tastes.

Dialogue: 9/10 Most of the dialogue was to the point without confusion.

Bonus points: + 7 Different weapons doing different things, different characters having different skills. Mini games aplenty. Good puzzles. Not often seeing the "game over" screen due to TPKs.

Other missed opportunities: -5 overall In some games you can jump, that would have been a nice ability in this game. It also would have been nice have all characters have the ability to do damage to all enemies without constantly having to buy bombs. It would have been nice to have more "elemental" weapons that could have increased the characters elements somehow or gave different options for skills

Overall: 8.3/10


thanx much!


How do you get past the haunted house in Crosswinds? I'm in the room with all the bookshelves in it (I think 9 in all). I didn't write down the clues and you can't go back and get them again because the black ghost doesn't reappear.

The DragonSpark Chronicles - The Last Spark

There's a problem with the game. When i ran it, it locked up when he goes upstairs to talk with the dragon. I let it sit there several minutes and nothing happened.

Final Fantasy Dreams

But what is there left to do after the mountains and the fire boss, after the swamp & its boss and after the Larae & the endless forrest I can't get to anywhere else. Am i missing something?

Final Fantasy Dreams

yeah. Larae. Sorry.

I went to the place through the mountain pass, fought the fire boss, and got back out, was told that they needed to have some item to fix the coolers. I left and have been wasting time going back and forth through the mountains to see if they're done with the repairs to the intercontinental roadway and they keep saying "we're on a tight schedule" which means (from what I gather) that it's not fixed yet (and neither do i have the coolant, which i can't find...)

I also rode the chocobos to larae villiage to see if the villiage had the coolant i was looking for... I'm just stuck!

Final Fantasy Dreams

What are you supposed to do at luneria? I talked to everyone, and still can't get into the never-ending forest. Or if you keep going eventually you'll outsmart the spell on the forrest?

MAGE DUEL - The Original

Maybe MP freeze could be the "ultimate power" of the

the coding should be similar to to MP freeze, or just substitute the other variables
from what i remember of coding (and i only took a few rudimentary courses), it'd be an if then loop
If power X is used
E don't work

play around with it, you never know if there'd be an easier way.

Magequest I (Version 3.0)

First of all, I'd like to applogize for saying to many things, and having so few positive things to say.

There are several areas that need BIG improvement
1. Character speed. The character moves sluggishly through the maps. No one wants to play a game where it takes forever to get around!
2. Defination of boundaries. You can literally walk through solid objects and walls to get to other places. This would be a good thing if there were secret passages, but it's a very bad thing in that you're able to do it EVERYWHERE. This is just coding sloppiness.
3. There are places like the boat, once you go on it you can't disembark
4. The color scheme is kinda werid in places
5. Plot. Why is it that you can't go into town during the day? That's just strange.
6. You can walk into a fireplace and get burned. Why?
7. Characters/ conversations. The ninja in the bar asks you the EXACT same question about wanting to know a secret after you get back into town. You've already saved the mayor!
8. Resetting puzzles should be able to be done by a switch, vs. having to walk all the way out of the dungeon.
9. Puzzles were a bit vague. I had to try this, that, and the other to get something to work. Provide more clues to what needs to be done.

Some areas that I'm impressed with
1. Mapping transitions are far and few between. This really gives a cohesive feel to the world (but it is destroyed by the fact that you can walk through walls
2. Enemies are relatively easy (in what I played) to defeat. Though I'd rather see them on screen, even if they rematerialized after a certain amount of time, so the player can avoid them if they want to do so.