I'm an avid RPG player. I don't program games (not my forte) but could help write plot, stories, and characterization with someone else. If you want ideas on how to improve your games, give me a shout.



Legends Of Illarion: Nostalgic Remaster Edition

Any hints on how to beat the lich? No matter where I move to try to escape him on the roof, he always catches me.

MAGE DUEL - The Original

Some points:
I'd like to see an item shop which would sell some basic things: mp renewal, potions, antidotes, and the like as well as some boosting potions, maybe some one shot things to hurt/ hinder the enemy. A few particularly nasty ones would be:
"MP freeze" where the mage couldn't cast spells during the time it was in effect
"no summon" disallows summoning during the time
"no heal" healing or healing effects (either HP or MP)
"no damage" for direct damage spells

Also would have a class called "necromancer" which would summon undead based off of HP, and do direct damage/ unholy spells.

Just my ideas.

Sonic RPG: Legend of the Seven Emeralds

Well if rings are HP, how does sonic go into "super mode" normally that's a function of the rings... Also is shadow a playable character?
Anyways I'd like to see a demo myself

Phantasia 3

I found some major bugs.

1) If you get to the point where you're in the temple for celia to face the guardian to become the savior, you can't re-exit it (i know it's designed that way, but the first time I did the temple, she didnt' have enough HP to even defeat any of the monsters by herself). So I had to figure out a way to leave the temple to get her leveled up. What's strange is when you get to the "save" location, and ay "change party members" it warps you to the old man in the town.

2) While I was going around on the ship, when i said "change party members" i ended up in the town (again) i figured, no biggie, I'll just go outside and the town and to the place where the boat was parked previously. I went outside the town, and ended up on the boat, which was landlocked.

3) While leveling up celia, I decided to look around and see what I could see on the rest of the world. I entered a teleportation temple and defeated the enemy, LAter on I was confronted by the enemy we defeated, and then it locked up (I'm thinking the temple shouldn't be accessible at that point)

4) the speed picked up dramatically after a point in the game (trying to go anyplace small is interesting)

Love and War: Act I

It's in the flowers next to the door. A kid has a paper, which you have to get by retrieving a frog for him. Be warned tho the frog's pretty difficult to catch.

I'm in Oz (forgot the rest of the name) but right before I got there, the character movement is REALLY sluggish, as if it's walking through molassis. Is there any way to speed it up?

Tale of Exile Act I

It will depend on my time in the new year. I'm looking for work and thus take a break to play, but if i get a job, that may change. Hit me up when it's ready in english

Tale of Exile Act I

I found the game enjoyable and look forward to another episode. I'll give a few suggestions to make it better:

Instead of "wasting" whatever AP points are left in a turn, have them "roll over" from turn to turn, and maybe even battle to battle. People could attempt to have quite a few more saved up for when they know there's a boss battle coming up.

Also, if a person passes through the square of an enemy, they could be attacked. In D&D it's called an "attack of opportunity"

have the metals that allow for upgrades of armor weapons and shields be truly avaiable every day, and if you go to another town, if you bought out one town, let it be there (the lumberjack city said it didnt' have any either.

I'd up the experience and money per battle. I would've had to play the game for probably over 200 hours (I finished it in like 2 days or off and on playing) if i wanted to buy the black and white magic balls (they cost 80,000!) and i don't even know what they do. I could've bought them but found out that I couldn't equip them!

As far as the "poison gas" for spiderwebs... interesting. But why not allow for other solutions: e.g. fire (a torch). Since there's webs, i think it'd be neat to have giant spiders as well. Have the "gas" be a thrown attack (at least one square away)

Also there are some inaccessable areas. I don't know if they'll be able to be gotten to by rope or other movement in the second part, but you might want to figure out a way of getting the players to where they are.
For instance there was a glittering gold piece on the top of a flat topped mountain. I'm not going to fight every single enemy on a screen (and die because I'm outnumbered) 50,000 to determine if one of them has access to it or not.

The "rigged" court case I would have changed to actually allow him to get out. It seemed no matter what combination i tried he was doomed from the get go. Also, there are several instances where I tried to feign ignorance and the script continued anyways as if i had answered "yes" when a more convincing script could be made (I write in my spare time, if you want I could help you on a revision)

Also the prince's speech... only a person who knew about the previous war (found out in the camp) would've answered differently... or maybe a middle of the road approach. War/ no war/ keep boarders safe (& hunt down those accused of henious crimes in the past), then arts,education, archetecture (shrinkage of the military)/ expanded troops/ keep military same size but at the same time while not wishing to cause harm to the people, taxes must be raised (to finance some of the things), etc.

Just my thoughts on the game

The Legend of Zelda - Gems of Time

if you want a mmrpg like zelda, you might want to try Graal online.

However, some suggestions: if you're still going to use the "zelda" old fashioned platform, I'd suggest that you keep the following from the originals:

1) destroyable (and repopulatable) objects: in the original game you could slash your sword and destroy plants, and then go offscreen and come back and they'd grow back. Sometimes they'd be more loot there, sometimes there wouldn't be.

2) Key puzzles: collect this key to get into this room, that key to get into that one

3) mapping. For a world as complex as zelda should be you need a map to help the players and for the dungeons as well

4) avoidable enemies. Even though sometimes random enemies that you can't avoid are fun, for the feel of a zelda game, they're not appropriate.

5) weapons & armor upgrades: a must for the "feel" of the game. Go through the various games and see what each did. You may come up with new combinations

6) sword techniques: the whirlwind and "shooting sword" techniques

7) item puzzles/ quests: get this item, to go here or open up a new part of the world (as a stone or something was blocking it before with the strength gloves or the mallet to remove the wooden pegs)

8) zelda music: 'nuff said

9) the tri-force: Power, Wisdom, Courage. Need i say more?

10) Easter eggs: hidden bonuses for those observant enough to find them

11) bombs: for blowing up scenery/ finding hidden passages.

Some things from classic zelda games to EXCLUDE

1) Crazy hard bosses (or ones that have hard patterns to figure out)

2) too few ways of healing magic/ health

3) bland interaction with NPCs.

Some things to INCLUDE that zelda games don't have:

1) a plot (orther than "I want to grab the triforce for myself")

Just some suggestions

WeaponBirth: Game Chill Demo

I know it's still in the works... but why can you jump/ fall off the edge of the screen?