I'm an avid RPG player. I don't program games (not my forte) but could help write plot, stories, and characterization with someone else. If you want ideas on how to improve your games, give me a shout.



Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages

ok. thanks! Google mario rpg seven sages and look in youtube?

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages

I am having some difficulties with some of the boss battles.

1) the "hard" version of the beat all the bosses. The blue nega orb is simply impossible. I'm at level 144. (99 regular levels and 45 of the advanced)

2) the 100th level in the international sewer.

3) the boss in the area with all the yoshi's behind the magically locked door.

Any suggestions on how to beat them would be greatly appreciated.

Also, once when i was going up the 100 levels in the international sewer, I got the "3 mini-mashers" and can't get them again (they were pretty neat 3 attacks a turn)


Thank you very much!! I didn't know you couldn't move things in running mode.


I can't seem to get through the catacombs. If i could split up the party, maybe I could, but the stupid objects seem to block my path everywhere I go, and the room with all the object in it, none of them move... (maybe it's just a glitch in my system but i hope not, I really want to continue playing the game. Do I have to defeat the dragon in the mountains before I do so?


What part of the game is this? After the catacombs?

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages

where do you find the red coop seaweed thing to get to the moon? I'm in the seaweed kingdom, and searched everywhere for it.

Starless Umbra

how do you get through the catacombs? I may have an older version of the game where this is fixed. Also, what level do you have to be to defeat the dragon in the mountains, and who has to be in your party?


well as time went on, you kept killing (or at least seriously maiming) the low level guys. Eventually they'd have to send out stronger and stronger troops to deal with the threat... at least that's my view on things.


I think this is on purpose. The soldiers probably are supposed to be higher in rank or something.


It's pretty easy for magic to get too much weight. In D&D after 5th level, the level of magic damage does compared to how much damage physical damage classes can inflict is skewed towards magic users.

Balancing magic and physical damage is very difficult. It also makes a difference if the enemy is more damaged by this element or that. For instance, it would be strange if a creature of fire was immune to ice / water damage, and a creature of ice or water wouldn't be affected by fire/ lightning damage. Here: is one author's take on how it all shakes out.