I'm an avid RPG player. I don't program games (not my forte) but could help write plot, stories, and characterization with someone else. If you want ideas on how to improve your games, give me a shout.



Jaquio: Angel of Death

I don't know if this is an actual bug or simply my not following instructions... but i clicked "enter" on at the save points, but it didn't save. I clicked esc to see if the save option would show up at them but it didn't. Do i need to use the "enter" key on the number pad specifically? Or did i miss something?

Star Stealing Prince Review

Cool demo. Can't wait to see more. I wandered around trying to get the switches right, to get into different rooms in the tower. The boss near the end gave me some problems, but I did some grinding before going back out to him, and then every time he damaged us, I kept spamming poison, heal, and the skeleton's double blade attack, and flame attack when it got charged.


Sometimes the rotation would be handy as I need 2 in one place, and 1 in another to make a whole bunch of tiles disappear. As far as coding, it could be a simple if, then statement. If z is pressed, then turn 90 degrees left (and if you wanted to have it turn 90 degrees right have a separate command) I used to code in C++, and even tho I've not done it in awhile, it shouldn't be *that* hard.


neat game, but I would offer two suggestions: allow the pieces to be rotated (as in tetris) and have the ability to put your name in where the high scores are

The Damulan Legacy

How does the lockbreaker code work? Are you supposed to add the numbers, or are you supposed to make the switches match the number that's on the plaque or what? My lockbreaker code is 16 BTW. Each the first number I got was 1 then 5 3's (which equals 16), but it still wouldn't open. I left, but the switch numbers keep changing...

Tears of the Sword Review

scratch that

Megaman Tournament

I agree, darkflamewolf did do a most excellent job, otherwise I wouldn't've given him such a high score, it's just that some things were lacking, which is why I couldn't give him a higher score overall. Heck, even in there (though not listed directly) are "extras" -- the disks (which I was able to obtain all 13 of). He may yet decide to change things up a bit and address some of those issues. I hope he does!

Megaman Tournament

Mini-review (tried submitting an official review, but guess I don't have the permission to do so yet)

Music (n/a) i don't listen to music in games, so i don't rate it.

Background/ stages/ screens. Pretty basic, but nothing really lacking, but nothing real exciting or new either. 4.5/5

Navis: the array of navis were pretty impressive, as were their powers and effects. The only slight problem I had was that some weapons/ abilities that hurt the specific navi didn't have anything to do with it. 4.5/5

Weapons/ chips/ armor: There was a good selection of weapons, chips, and armor was excellent. However, it would have been nice to be able to do *all* of the navi's attacks. Select the chip, and another menu pops up that asks which attack you want 4.5/5

Difficulty: Bell curved. It took me a few tries to learn how the battle system worked before I actually won a battle, but once I did, it became (relatively) easy. The Mirror armor (basically) breaks the game tho. There's nothing that can get through it, unless you attack navis with firewall themselves, you can't get damaged. It'd be neat to have something that broke the Mirror status. 3.5/5

Replayability: because the battles got easier and easier, and the suits only seem to give you elemental resistance, and nothing else 3.5/5

Misc. I think you missed out on an opportunity to give background statuses. For instance in collectible card games, you have a "world" card something that boosts your opponents strengths, while having the possibility of either damaging or hindering the opponent's. For instance, if you were fighting a navi which had cold powers, the stage would constantly do damage to Megaman or hinder him in some other way unless he had the proper armor or weapon (or both) equipped. After each battle, you'd get the ability to use it against future opponents. 3.5/5

Overall 3.75 - 4.0/ 5

The Master RPG Maker Helpful Things Topic

I submitted a review late last night, but it didn't show up. Do you have to have contributed a certain level before reviews get posted?

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages

Just finished the game. After defeating the blue nega orb (which i know was entirely optional), all the other boss battles were a cinch. Good game, but VERY difficult with some of the challenges. I had to put aside the game for a few weeks, and try again with fresh eyes. Will try starlight world next.