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I thought you voted abstain dogg. did you not.

because if not geodude please do it dont make me suffer any longnebujreeeeeeeeer

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Spring Broken

i'm sorry wolfcoder but i can't picture you doing crazy things


I can't state how much I dislike Americanization shit. It's like a good way to ruin something really quick. I've never, never, played / watched / read something that was changed in translation and was GOOD.

One Piece, hell even Sailor Moon, DBZ all those things were destroyed in the localisation and editing to fit american standards. One Piece and other manga I've read are slight example of this, but at least some of them include notes on the puns that couldn't properly be translated. For the most part this is fine, but then there's ones like that D. Grayman or whatever which had the whole book flipped so it could be read in the american way of read (left-right) a little strange...
As for movies or shows, the localization of these have terrible voice acting. Subs > Dubs.

Americanization = Bad. Even the games, Final Fantasy included, are poorly translated and bursting with crappy writing, spelling errors and the like.

you have no idea how much i want to beat you up and take your lunch money right now

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in the case that everyone has voted and there is a tie, unless someone changes their vote before I call down the hammer, the vote defaults to no lynch.


who fucking cares about the canon of japanese cookie cutter anime art. yes, they added a black person. yes, there weren't any on the original cover. so what. the original art is leagues worse anyway (they do not even look like people) and there are barely any black people in any anime that aren't caricatures of GAIJIN MAN. would you like it if everyone on the american cover of every game had an inhuman milky face with eyes like an electrical socket because that is basically your argument taken to its logical conclusion.


wow cool wikipedia citation. unfortunately reverse racism literally still does not exist no matter what article written by shutins you would like to link next.


The North American ice skaters look like whores.
Why would they change it!?
the Japanese one is so cute.

I say it wasn't a good idea in this case.
but i'm also not a teenage/below girl that this is targeting, so idk.

The North American ice skaters look like whores.
I was thinking that exactly when I saw the pictures o.0

Yeah I really don't see the point in the change, and ditto on the whore comment.

Even though I've seen plenty of prostitutes with less make up than that.

and that's not even all the people in this thread who have talked about how the teenage girls depicted wearing makeup are sluts for some reason! male video gamers.

even skin color?! There has to be a limit to this policatically correctness.
I JUST noticed that the American version put a black girl and an asian girl (I assume from the slightly different skin tone and the black hair) in there. Talk about reverse racism - we're so terrified of offending someone that every depiction of more than one person has to be a rainbow.

Of course, Japan seems to wish they were caucasian and does not give two shits about making every anime character as white as possible

there is literally no such thing as reverse racism so there is no way to "talk about it." that girl's skin tone is the same. it speaks volumes about you that you would see a cover with a black person and assume "reverse racism" I guess. japan is pretty well known for being a xenophobic culture and I don't really mind fucking with their shit.

americanization is great because most of the time anime is cookie cutter awful bullshit. look at the four girls on the left. they are all the same. and really stupid looking. "rtp" if you will...

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being silent can be viewed as a scumtell in of itself. that said, this game has seven people and should not be taking this long to progress.

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you guys aren't playing mafia very well right now.