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What's up with the damn profanity?

Personally a curse word every now and then can be a good thing when dialogue becomes stale. Could you imagine playing a Shakespherian RPG without having something modern thrown in to wake you up from all the 'thee's', 'thou's', and 'thine's'?

"shakespherian rpg" is this some kind of new wave joke i dont get

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What's up with the damn profanity?

I do have to disagree with the argument about "those swear words didn't exist." Swear words exist in almost every language. They have existed for an extremely long time. What doesn't exist in your world is the English language - but even though the characters are presumably talking in Common or Elvish or something, you are going to write their dialogue in English. So when they curse, you are going to write an English curse word. Obviously they didn't say "shit", they said "pfoodoo" or something, but if you're translating the other 99.9% of the game to English, you've gotta translate the swear words too. So this is not really a valid argument against cursing, though it is perhaps a valid argument against the characters making puns. (But when a movie or something is being translated in real life and has a pun in it, a really good translator will try to find an equivalent pun in the new language. So you can still maybe justify puns that way.)

well, I think the bolded part is exactly what I said. i am not sure why you did not just quote me and say "jericho you are so smart and handsome." please do that. in your next post. but also, I disagree with translating swear words to the english equivalent as far as uniquely magical/medieval time periods go on the basis that the english equivalent at the time was not fuck or shit or eggbabies. shit, for example, wasn't even really used until the 20th century (and nor was its olde english equivalent) so it is very jarring and seemingly lazy when I see speech mixed in games like this.

you can argue that nothing from earth like say the english language would exist in your game universe anyway, but mixing language from different time periods is, to me, like putting a television or cell phone in magical elf kingdom x.

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What's up with the damn profanity?

well the probably with swearing in medieval settings is that people usually do it in a sort of bad way. i understand that your game universe is not ours and the development of great kingdom does not parallel that of medieval britain. however, swear words as they are today still did not exist in the time period you are "sort of" portraying and thus it looks off. for the record, I like how The Way handled this the best.

but I does think this has to do with art. If the 'look' of a character's portrait or whatever does not match the energy level of their speech, the reader gets put off.

but I think the biggest issue of all is just overuse. in real life, not everyone swears a lot. in games like iron gaia, it made no sense for the characters to speak the way they did. Unless your game is set in some sort of mad max dystopia, well. then. yes. Furthermore, I am a egg.