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Dungeons and Drag-Queens

Most of session 8!

el dibujo

we did it ghost. we finally did it. our long journey is at an end ;|

Cool anime theme songs:

Slayers openings

Ghost in the Shell. Inner Universe.

Akira's unofficial theme

Gundam Wing. Just Communication and Rhythm Emotion respectively

08th MS team. not my favorite song but show is hell of cool

Case Closed. The song that plays when shit goes down.

Dungeons and Drag-Queens

I think you forgot something!

Video thread

Is there any reason why my art topic was closed

if that is indeed the goal of the art forum then i would say closing down threads within five hours or whatever is counterintuitive.

Is there any reason why my art topic was closed

cool close down the art forum

Is there any reason why my art topic was closed

Well looking at the topic in the archives, I can't even tell what the thread is even supposed to be about, it's just... a dump of a couple random images? With no questions, no description, nothing to indicate what you're posting, nothing to indicate what the topic of the thread was, and nothing to indicate that you want or expect any sort of response. So my guess would be that's why.

Hello there!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Saints Row 2: I found out I needed a console controller. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

I don't know if that means you're playing it on PC or not.

But if you are, read this thread.